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Letter from Unidentified Individual to Captain J[ames] H. Callison.

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do it justice unless, you assist me, but if I can assist you in selling land, or, aid men of small means in getting a good hom[e] I will do so with pleasure, we made about as much corn last year on 5 acres as our share at Mr [Otts?] on 22 acres, I sowed late last Nov after a deep snow 3 Bu & 3 pecks of wheat, made 50 Bu which weighed 66 lb per Bu, our wheat covers the ground now if you raise the blade they are half knee high, Mr Ripple & Mr Walker was here last week, Mr Ripple said the land in this Co would be worth 20$ per acre before many years, Mr Walker said the ground that I am clearing might be worked in corn 15 years in succession and then wheat or grass would lodge, now you know that a man's property is safe anywhere in this colony, but if I was to say so would the people there say I was casting slurs at them if you wish to keep the authorship of that piece a mystery for a while do so write soon Tommie wants Cousin Bell to answer her letter of last [Summer?]