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Proposals for improving the staple of tobacco and advancing the public credit, 1711.

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for the publick will be cheaper. Artificers will be encouraged to work for tobacco, seeing they may hope to be justly dealt by, and that what is paid them will turn to some account. People will be no longer deceived by false package, nor the justice of the Government reproached for the faults of dishonest Jurors & Viewers. The importation of money into the Country will be encouraged, by obliging the exporter of tobacco to pay the Agent in that Specie, and the inconveniency of ignorant or negligent Receivers entirely removed. Freight will be lessned, because ships will find quicker dispatch in their Lading, having the Advantage] of taking in so large a quantity of tobacco at one place.

[illegible] persons appointed County Agents in each neck shal meet among themselves, and shal agree upon ye most proper places for [erecting storehouses?] for ye conveniency of the people, and shal divide [each neck?] into Districts without regard to the bounds of the Countys each of [wch?] agent shal have that particular District, and Storehouses allotted.

That after such places for storehouses are chosen, the proprietor of the land shal have it in his election either to build ye Storehouses & receive [illegible] rent, or [if he refuse?] the Agent may build them himself, and if neither of them will build the County Court shal value ground sufft [sufficient] to build such storehouses, pay ye proprietor, and erect ye [illegible] at the Charge of the County and settle a moderate [3 illegible words] for reimbursing ye charges