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Proposals for improving the staple of tobacco and advancing the public credit, 1711.

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away such tobacco That the County Agent shall constantly attend, during the times for receiving tobacco (Sundays, Courtdays and holidays excepted) at the publick storehouse, or if through the length of the County it becomes necessary to have more storehouses than one, then at each in their turns, giving publick notice of the times of his attendance at each respectively. and when any quantity of tobacco is brought by any person, the Agent shall be obliged to give him as many notes as he shall require for the discharge of his several Debts to the full quantity of the tobacco delivered, and that such notes shall be received in all tobacco payments whether publick or private, and shall be transferable from one person to another, without the necessity of endorsement, and paid by the Agent whenever demanded. That if any Debtor shall neglect to deliver his tobacco debts to the County Agent at the times publickly notifyed for receiving ye same, he shall be liable to the payment of an interest of [blank] pr Cent for each month thereafter, untill the same be paid, half of which interest to be paid to the Creditor for his disappointment, and the other half to the Agent for the trouble of his attendance, and that that power be also given by Law to the Agent to destrain for such tobacco debts. That for the greater ease of the people in the discharge of their Levys, and the more ready payment of publick Creditors It is proposed that at every County Court from the time of laying the County levy till the last day of February, the Sherif of the County & Churchwardens of each parish shall attend and account with the people for all their publick dues, which dues shall be discharged by the County Agent's notes, and the said notes immediately paid away to the Creditors to whom the same are ordered: and that a moderate allowance be made ye Sherifs & Churchwardens for this trouble