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Proposals for improving the staple of tobacco and advancing the public credit, 1711.

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Proposals for improving the Staple of Tobacco and advancing the publick Creditt It is proposed that all debts publick or private payable in tobacco be brought by the Debtor to one or more publick Storehouses and Wharfs to be erected by Act of Assembly in each County according to the extent thereof, by this means the 10 p[er] Cent now raised for collecting all publick dues, and which very much increases the Levy will be saved. That in every County a person of good reputation and knowledge in the tobacco trade by appointed, under the names of the County Agent to view examine & receive all tobacco paid away for discharge of publick or private Debts in that County, which shall be brought to the aforesaid Storehouses and to no other place. That the said Agent shall give good Security and also be under Oath for the due discharge of his office, That he shall receive no tobacco but what he shall find good & unexceptionable, that he shall be liable likewise to a severe penalty for the first offence if he pays away any tobacco that is not good or is unlawfully packd; and for a second offence be liable to a like penalty with loss of office, and incapacity of serving in that or any other thereafter. And because Merchants & other confiding in the honesty of this Agent will take the tobacco received by him upon his own Credit without examining; it is proposed that there be particular marks for each County with a penalty upon the Counterfeiting thereof and that if any hogshd of tobacco having such mark be found unsound or decietfully packd the Agent whose mark it bears shall be liable to the penalty of paying away