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"The Cosbys of York County Virginia: 1737-1790" by Elizabeth Cosby Stafford Jenkins [Part 3 of 3].

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the Lands, Slaves and Personal Estate of her later husband James Cosby desc. not being complied with is again remanded? and it is ordered that the person herein mentioned perform the same and make report to the next court. also the same statement for James Cosby's accounts for Richard Muckintree and Samuel Cosby. p. 104 July 18, 1748 the inventories and appraisal of the estate of James Cosby in the Counties of York and James City were returned and ordered recorded. A settlement of the estate of Samuel Cosby dec. and Richard Muckintree dec. was returned and ordered recorded. An assignment of Ann Cosby's Dower in the lands slaves and personal estate of her late husband James Cosby ordered returned and recorded. p. 105 Matthew Shield is appointed to guardianship to John and Mary Madgelene Cosby the orphans of Samuel Cosby (p. 134) p. 114 Merrit Sweeney vs Mark Cosby deft. (In Case) This day came the parties by their attornies and the deft. prays and have leave to impart til the net court then to plead. July 18, 1748 p. 125 at the bottom of the page a torn part gets in the way - calling Mary Madgelene's guardian to court. Aug 15, 1748 p. 129 Robert Shield Jr. is guardian of John and Judith Hyde. Guardian accounts reviewed and approved. Sept. 19, 1748 Robert Shield is merchant in Yorktown. He is also sheriff. p. 134 Matthew Shield guardian of Samuel Cosby's orphans agrees to maintain the said orphans for the interest of the estates which is approved by the courts and the said Shield is discharged from rendering any account of the profits of the said estate. Sept. 19, 1748 p. 135 Merrit Sweeney vs Mark Cosby - Next court p. 141 Nov. 21, 1748 Mark Cosby to help appraise John Slott's estate. p. 159/60 Mark Cosby not guilty as charged by Merrit Sweeney. I don't know what he was charged with. June 16, 1748 p. 223 Mark Cosby Ex? of Martha Pasteur vs Livis Davis, John James Hulett Def. dismissed by agreement deft to pay Plt.'s cost. p.230 Friday Aug 4, 1749 court case: Jam slave of Thomas Bray on July 15, 1749 between 10 and 12 at night with force and arms broke into dairy house of Ann Cosby widow in the York Hampton Parish. He took a 16 shilling pot of butter. Is Ellyon Armestead the Sherif of James City? He brings Jam to court. p. 253 Ed Peters is selected constable Nov 1749 p. 267 On the motion of Alsys Yarboro security for Ann Cosby, Adm of the estate of her former husband Richard Muckenree dec. It is ordered that unless the said Ann shall within one month from this time give sufficient county security to the said Alsyp she deliver of the said estate to him for his indemnity. p. 283 James Cosbie Plt. vs Kenneth McKenzie (Debt) McKenzie will