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"The Cosbys of York County Virginia: 1737-1790" by Elizabeth Cosby Stafford Jenkins [Part 3 of 3].

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55 on East by Felgate, South by Ed Hill's land, West by John Waller

York county Clerk York York Wills and Inventories 1783-1811 None LDS #0034421 My #24

p. 67 Appraisal Dec 16, 1771 but returned to court Dec. 18, 1784. Why it is so long between I don't know. James Cosby's estate is appraised for L105.2.6 Lists farm implements, a side saddle, 2 negros. p. 96 Stripling Cosby's estate appraisal. Looks like a listing of 5 negros worth L225 total. Settlement for L181.16.11 to Wm Mitchell for a variety of past debts. p. 156 John (Charles's older brother) gives to *daughter Susanna the negro Jenny and her daughter Manny [*]daughter Martha the negro woman Feba (phobe?) and her child moll [*]son Samuel and negro named David and negro boy named will to daughter Francis L60 current Virginia Money to purchase of negros [*]Residue to be divided by the four Wife is not named nor is Charles Will is dated March 22, 1788. Court probate April 22, 1788 p. 217 From the estate of James Cosby to estate of John Cosby returned to court July 19, 1790 (audited on May 18, 1790) = 1781, 1782 clothes bills owed to John for wool spinning and cloth making plus making shoes and stockings. 1783 other bills. James to John for the balance for boarding John was managing James' estate. James went to school 1786 and 87 (sounds funny James should be around 30 years old if he is born before Charles and Charles is born around 1748 or 49. Could this be a different James?) p. 400 Ann Cosby's will. Written on Nov 11, 1792 court probated Feb 17, 1794. Elizabeth Cosby makes her mark. Gives grandson John Mackandree one sterling shilling. divides the rest between other 3 grandchildren, John Hold, Matt and Thomas Hold. (Notice that the two bastard boys not carry their father's name.)