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"The Cosbys of York County Virginia: 1737-1790" by Elizabeth Cosby Stafford Jenkins [Part 3 of 3].

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54 York Co clerk of court York Co York Co Land Causes 1746-1769 None LDS #0034429 My #15

p. 1 June 16, 1746 Judith Burt wife of John Cosby gives up her part of the land inherited from Richard Burt the Younger her father to under age child Samuel Hill represented by Wm. fuller. John Hansford is appointed little Sam's guardian of interest in this suit. Its Wm Fuller and his wife Elizabeth and Martha MacIntosh widow vs Sam Hill. 240 acres in York Hampton Parish. Issue goes on until Sept 16,1 746. p. 29 Feb 3, 1746 Mark Cosby is listed as "late" storekeeper in Wmsburg. He must be dead just recently. The store is a general store. Theophiles Pugh is involved in the store also. James Crosbie is also under oath that money is owed to him. Mark gets his money. this comes from Wm. Keith's estate settling activity. Both James and Mare are merchants. p. 117 Sept 1759 Blovet Pasteur is a goldsmith in Wmsburg. He buys Wmsburg lots #272 and #273. He lives at the same time as Wm Pasteur. (p. 121)

Next book on the film Land Causes 1795-1854 p. 1 June 16, 1795 they divide York Co into 8 districts to process the land in each. Page 1 begins the description of the district division and who will process it. p. 2 District #5 sounds possible because of the landowners' names. "to run from Wormley Creek to Chisman's Creek up Chisman's Creek to the line that divides the lands of Wm Tabb desc. and Robert Tomkins, thence along said line to lands of Harwod Burt and Benj Lester thence to Warwick line so as to include the lands of Richard Anderson and Col Chisman desc. Christopher Steadman and Harwood Burt Jr. are to do the processing. Processions must be finished by last day of March 1796. James hill and Thomas Burt are on Horsington Swamp. Mark Cosby is in district # 3 next to John Moore and Mrs. Hannon James Hubbard. there is a line for Cosby, Moore and Hubbard (p. 13) "District #3 from mouth on North Kings Creek to mouth of North Felgates Creek thence up Felgates Creek to Waller Mill, thence up the Mill pond steering a direct line to the public road which leads from Wmsburg to York river. Harwood Burt is in District #5 (p. 17) also John Burt District #6 is Richard Shield Jr. Wm Tabb's orphans and Benj Lester's orphans. The end of the processioning in 1796 shows only one Cosby = Mark p. 34 Processing for 1800 Now no Cosbys p. 59 glebe lands of YH Parish bounded on north by Kings Creek,