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"The Cosbys of York County Virginia: 1737-1790" by Elizabeth Cosby Stafford Jenkins [Part 3 of 3].

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53 York County Clerk York York Wills and Inventories 1760-1983 None LDS #0034412 My# 25

Book #21 1760-1771 No Cosbys in the index. some Hansfords p. 10 1753 Wm Hansford's settlement lists to Judith Cosby a sum of money L0.18.10

Book #22 1771-1783

p. 2 Sarah MacKandree gives to mother Ann Cosby. Sarah says her brother is James Mackandree so their last name must be Mackendree. Could this be the Ann Cosby who is guardian to Matt Burt and is wife to James? Dec 26, 1770

p. 42 Stripling is named as Capt. Stripling Cosby April 15, 1771 This is his appraisail [appraisal] = L277.12.6

p. 414 Samuel Hill's 1770 settlement gives Wm Cosby L4 to clear an account. To John Cosby Jan 12, 1771 L8.2.6 to close his account. 1771 Samuel gives to Wm Cosby's account. Feb. 1771 to James Cosby's account. Sam owed James Cosby for their bond at the "outcry". (What is that?) To James Hubbard for boarding Edmond Cosby in 1770. Money for Stripling Cosby's bond 1771.

p. 183 July 19, 1773 Robert Sheild's will. He is from Charles Parish in York Co. Wife is Rebecca. sons are Robert Jr. and Samuel.

p. 363 March 17, 1777 Sarah MackIndree's settlement. L25 paid for negro man (Bob) for Wm (or Ms) Cosby. L53 paid for negro woman (ghloe) for w. Cosby Nov 4, 1771

p. 411 June 3, 1771 Charles Hansford's will. Wife Elizabeth. Gives Charles City 200 acres to two sons to be divided. Sons are Richard and Benjamin. the two sons also get the lands in York and Warwick Co. Daughters are Elizabeth, Mary and Martha. Benjamin takes up with May Hyde. this displeases Charles the father and he writes a codicil that disinherits Benjamin if he follows through and marries Mary Hyde. Wonder how that turns out?

p. 470 Feb 1780 Wm. Pearson's estate gives account money to James Cosby.