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"The Cosbys of York County Virginia: 1737-1790" by Elizabeth Cosby Stafford Jenkins [Part 3 of 3].

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51 estate. she had not proved the estate or divided the property. She evidently doesn't want to divide the stuff. At the next court the case is dismissed because neither shows up. p. 59 June 15, 1752 The presentment of the Grand Jury against Ann Cosby for having a bastard child is dismissed she having this day paid the fine. p. 88 will of Mark Cosby was proved by John Coke, Thomas Hornsby, Peter Scott and Robert Nicholson. July 20, 1752 p. 90 July 20, 1752 Judith Cosby was given 334 1/2 lbs of tobacco from husband's estate for her administration of it. p. 105 Ed Peters Vs Judith Cosby for security money is dismissed because neither appeared in court. p. 106 appraisal and Inventory of Mark Cosby Recorded. Nov. 20, 1752 p. 414 Ann Cosby is listed as the guardian of Richard Muckentree's children. Children are Dorothy, James and Sarah. p. 155 Jan 15, 1753 (26 year of George III reign) Judith owes William Hubbard L3.6.1 p. 185 Feb. 19, 1753 Judith Cosby vs Ambrose Barford debt: next court P. 315 Sept 17, 1753 Judith again ordered to give up the security deposit because she has not divided the estate. Brought by William Fuller and Edward Peters. She is ordered to next court p. 337 Oct 27, 1753 Judith gives up the estate as she can not pay the counter security to Ed. peter and Wm. Fuller p. 339 July 20, 1753 Robert Sheilds VS Judith Cosby for debt. Judith shows up Robert has an attorney. Judith agrees that she owes L34.17.10. she will pay L16.17.11 per year at 5% interest starting July 20, 1753. she is put in common goal for debtors until she satisfied this judgement" P. 343 Judith Cosby vs Cuthbard Hubbard for assult [assault] and battery plus trespass. Hi is not arrested on the motion of the PM by his attorney. It is ordered that an alias capias issue against the said deft. returnable to the next court. Same page James Pride vs Judith Cosby debt for L4.19.11. she agrees that she owes him and agrees to pay. P. 369 Judith Cosby vs. Cuthburt Hubard for trespass assult [assault] and battery - dismissed by agreement he pays court costs Jan 21, 1754. p. 393 March 18, 1754 court ordered the church warden of York Hampton Parish to bind out the orphans of John Cosby dec. as the law allows. p. 433 Thomas Firth is in a case on debt. He has the debt but Samuel Apperson drops it.

Listing of tithables approved May 20, 1754 John Holt = Burton Parish