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"The Cosbys of York County Virginia: 1737-1790" by Elizabeth Cosby Stafford Jenkins [Part 3 of 3].

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50 Prentis and Mark Cosby. Mark presents the will May 19, 1746. p. 84 March 21, 1747 will of James Cosby is presented to court. He is of York Co. His son Stripling is given the plantation James now lives on. Stripling is less than 21 at this time. If Stripling dies before 21 plantation is given to Robert Shield Jr. James also gives L20 to Mary Cosby daughter of Samuel Cosby desc. Mary is less than 18 at this time. "My good friend" Robert Shield will take care of son Stripling. p. 113 July 1748 James Cosby's will and inventory p. 114/116 Rest of James Cosby's inventory. His wife is Ann. July 14, 1748. James's land is bounded by Col Burwell and Nathanial Buck. Bottom of the page begins Samuel Cosby's inventory July 15, 1748. p.171 Rev. Francis Fontaine's will. he is minister of YH Parish p. 251 Feb. 13, 1752 the appraisal of the administration by Judith Cosby of John Cosby's estate (worth L247.17.7). She requested this appraisal on Sept 16, 1751 so he has been dead a while by then and she has been executor of the estate (Nothing about the Orphans) I copied the appraisal. p. 268 Martha Pasteur's account July 10, 1752. Mark Cosby is Executor. p. 270 July 20, 1752 John Cosby's estate and Mark Cosby's estate p. 277 Nov. 20, 1752 Mark Cosby's Inventory worth L210.0.9 is returned after the Oct 4, 1752 court order to make the appraisal. p. 376 Nov. 1, 1755 continuation of Mark Cosby's inventory and the final settling (less L41) o Mark's L431.17.8 estate

York Clerk of court York York Judgement & Orders 1752-1754 continued None LDS #0034430 My #18

Second item on the film Book # (NO BOOK #) York Judgment and Orders 1752-1754 My #18 cont.

p. 1 Cosby settlement ordered to be recorded. Feb 17, 1752 p. 18 Cosby estate to be divided by Authur Dickson, Charles Hansford, Charles Hansford Jr. and Wm Moody. Bring to the next court. May 18, 1752 p. 54 June 15, 1752 Edward Peters wants Judith to five back the security bond he put up for her adm of the John Cosby