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"The Cosbys of York County Virginia: 1737-1790" by Elizabeth Cosby Stafford Jenkins [Part 3 of 3].

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49 Thomas Cole do same for Samuel Cosby's estate in James City Co. p. 192 Samuel Cosby's will, I copied. p. 278 May 21 1744 James Crosbie Merchant vs Philip Hankin. Philip agrees that James got a verdit [verdict] against him in the Husting court in Wmsburg court for owing James L17.2.16 p. 294 July 16, 1744 Matt Burt binds himself in apprenticeship to Richard Hobday until Matt becomes 21. p. 302/2 Aug 20, 1744 John Hansford is church warden of YH Parish James Cosby vs John McKenzie for L23.3.10 James has some of John's stuff and court OK's the sale to cover debt. p. 395/97 May 1745 Mark Cosby recovers a debt by John Mandell p. 397 John Cosby is brought to task by a grand jury for being a common drunkard. He is summoned to next court. p. 402 Dec 16, 1745 Mark Cosby is still doing appraisals p. 405 John comes to court and pays fine for drinking p. 416 James Crosby vs Philip Lightfoot (att for Theo. Pugh desc.) wait until next court. Debt problem I think. p. 422 March 1, 1745 above case again postponed until next court p. 429 April 1745 postponed until next court p. 432 Again put off p. 441 June 1745 Cosby wins judgement vs Pugh for L435.7.4 but since Pugh is dead James collects estate items and sells them until L174.6.1 is collected plus interest since Nov. 1744 at 5% p. 467 Sept 15, 1746 John Cosbie and John Dixson pay witness 5 lbs of tobacco for attendance at the court. p. 487 Feb. 16, 1745 Judith Cosby vs John Cosby Chancery court postponed until next court. Doesn't say what it is about. p. 497 John and Judith agree to dismiss case she Vs He Feb 16, 1746

Book #20 on the same film #17 Wills and Inv. 1745-1759 p. 3 Dec. 1744 Capt John Ballard of Yorktown Merchant of a general store with furniture says that Thomas is his son (sounds like oldest). John lives on Wmsburg lot #54 and owns #'s 67 and 71 plus has a plantation near Yorktown called "Rich Neck". John Ballard is another son plus Robert and William. Capt. John Ballard owns 17 slaves valued at between L35 and L5 each. p. 8 Richard Burt of York Hampton Parish will "I give to granddaughter Judith Cosby 1 shilling sterling". Other grandchildren are Richard, Wm., John, Matt, Philip Moody Burt and Fuller. Two other sons of Richard are Josias and William. Richard's 7 slaves are valued at between L50 and L14. p. 28 March 1, 1745 Martha Pasteur's will. Son is William. Her brothers are Thomas and John Harris. Daughters are Martha and Ann Pasteur. Her "friends and executors are Wm. .