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"The Cosbys of York County Virginia: 1737-1790" by Elizabeth Cosby Stafford Jenkins [Part 3 of 3].

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in bond? our silver and ?? of as our and ??? of our heirs ?? and ?? jointly and severally firmly by ?? persons sealed with our seals and ?? this 15th day of June 1741.The condition of the above obligation is such that is the above bound Samuel Cosby he heirs?? or assi?? that will be freely pay or cause to be paid unto John, Mary and Judith Hyde, orphans of Samuel Hyde desc. ?? ?? or estates as now is or shall herewith appear to be and when ?? as soon as the said orphans shall attain to lawful age or why thereupon require by the worshipful justices above mentioned. As Aslo ?? harmfuss as indemnified the said justices ?? ??? sucessfon from all trouble or damage that shall or may arise about the said estates then this obligation of be void and of none effect on else to remain in full force and virtue. p. 54 James Crosbie wins judgment vs John James Hulet for L 1-14-69. court orders John to pay costs. Aug 17, 1741 p. 90 March 15, 1741 Suit brought by Wm Hyland vs Dickson and M. Cosby is dismissed. p. 105 June 1742 Ordered that Nathaniel Buck, Samuel Cosby, John Cosby and John Lister or any three of these being first sworn to meet and appraise the estate of William Hansford desc. at next court. p. 107 June 1, 1742 James Crosbie is plaintiff in a trespass case. Also Wm Bowden VS Arthur Dickson and Sam Cosby for a debt. Sheriff says that Sam is no to be found. p. 118 James Crosbie vs. Andrew Anderson for trespass. p. 126 Sept. 20 1742 Action of trespass upon the case of James Crosbie PLT. VS Andrew Anderson is continued until the next court at the expense of the PLT. P. 131 Nov. 15, 1742 Samuel Cosby brought to court by the Hyde wife for the accounting of the guardian account of the orphans for the year 1742. p. 137 Dec 20, 1742 Ordered that any three of James Crosbie, Mark Cosby, Richard Books, Joseph Davenport, Thomas Dickson review the estate of Henry Carter for next court. p. 158 Feb. 21, 1742 the suit on the attachment obtained by James Crosbie vs John Buchannon is dismissed the complainant failing to prosecute. p. 175 March 21, 1742 James Crosbie vs Richard Cook for debt of 2lbs/1sh/2pce was approved because defendant didn't show up. Same date p. 176 appointed James Cosby guardian for John, Mary and Judith Hyde orphans of Samuel Hyde by his last wife upon his giving bond. p. 188 May 16, 1742 John Buckner gent. make tithable list for lower York Hampton. Ellyson Armistead the upper. Same page Last will of Samuel Cosby presented by James Cosby one of the electors. It is ordered recorded and James gives bond. Same page Math. Buck, John Lister, John Cosby and J. Hansford or any of the appraise Sanuel Cosby for York Co. W. Brown Jr. Henry Brown, John Nowell,