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"The Cosbys of York County Virginia: 1737-1790" by Elizabeth Cosby Stafford Jenkins [Part 3 of 3].

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46 four pounds 11 shillings from Charles Cosby. p. 274 Same date Wm. Drinkard agrees with others to dismiss a suit. p. 304 July 17, 1769 Charles Cosby vs Eliz fuller is dismissed for want of procecution [prosecution]. He pays costs. p. 424 Feb 19, 1770 Stripling Cosby wins a debt suit. p. 446 March 19, 1770 James Cosby claims debt against Norman Mayfield. p. 445 Same date John Cosby is on jury. p. 460 Same date Charles Cosby ordered to pay witnesses in case Vs Norman Mayfield. Witness had to travel 71 miles. this is a confusing entry however because the case was against James Cosby (see p. 446) so I don't know why Charles is paying. I checked both entries twice to be sure I read them correctly. Perhaps it is a clerical error but I don't know which one is wrong. Or is Charles paying James' debts. p. 461 March 21, 1770 Mary Cosby and Matthew Hubbard owe the King 50 pounds for some felony. I cant tell what. p. 470 John Buck vs Stripling Cosby debt case p. 482 May 28, 1770 Matthew Hubbard VS Charles Cosby for Defendant acknowledges same in court so he must be there. p. 484 March 21, 1770 Ann and Mary Cosby plus Sarah MackIndree vs. Stripling for trespass assult [assault] and battery. p. 487 Same date Stripling agrees to arbitrage with George Minge. p. 501 John and James Cosby as defendants must pay 11 pounds 12 shillings to Joseph Norris as of March 17, 1770.

York Clerk of court Records York York County Guardian Accounts 1736-1846 None LDS #0034418 My #11

First Item or book: the orphans are here! p. 195 Dec. 15, 1755 they are being paid from the estate accounts managed by William Fuller and Edward Peters. John, James Mary and Charles are listed. Ann Cosby is Matt Burts's guardian. Charles gets his yearly stipend from the work of a negro servant named York. The next entry is Aug. 15, 1757 p. 210. This is again a report to the court on the orphan's accounts. This time for the years 1755 and 1756. James seems to have died because it talks of his estate. Charles and Mary's entry say money paid to their mother Judith Wyttman. No entries for 1757-58-or 59.

Second item or book: p. 20 1773 Janet Rule Cosby orphan of Stripling Cosby chooses W. Mitchell as her guardian.