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"The Cosbys of York County Virginia: 1737-1790" by Elizabeth Cosby Stafford Jenkins [Part 3 of 3].

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45 p. 161 Nov. 1, 1766 Ann Cosby, John Cosby and Mary Cosby are on a list of people who got a fine for not going to church. p. 163 Nov. 17, 1765 Samuel Coke builds the warehouse and gets 67 pounds from the sherif [sheriff] (Anthony Robinson gent.) for the cost of the building at Capital Landing. p. 171 Nov. 1766 James Cosby vs Samuel Hill for trespass and assult [assault] and battery is dropped by agreement. p. 207 Feb. 16, 1767 Mary Cosby fined for not going to church. p. 237 March 16, 1767 John Carter vs Wm. Cosby dripped by agreement. p. 274 May 18, 1767 Richard Riddlehurst must pay George Minge 242 lbs. of tobacco because he twice came 31 miles to be a witness for Richard. p. 411 Dec. 21 1767 Mary Fuller orphan of Wm Fuller picks Elizabeth Fuller as guardian. John Cosby is security. Also assult [assault] charges vs John Cosby are dismissed. I do not who brought the suit. p. 440 Feb. 15, 1769 Wm Cosby vs. Wm. Watson debt. p. 451 Same date Stripling Cosby vs George Riddel gent. and Stripling vs. John Thompson. Both are debt cases. p. 472 March 21, 1768 Stripling wins debt case. p. 478 Same date Stripling wins a debt case.

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p. 32 June 20, 1768 Stripling Cosby wins debt against Bedford Irwin. James Cosby was called as a witness and Charles Hansford. p. 44 Mary Cosby fined for not attending York Hampton Parish church. p. 112 Sept 19, 1768 this is a very illegible entry. this page is torn in just the wrong spot however the entry may indicate that Charles or the other fellow are not residents of York Perish. p. 203 Capt. Stripling Cosby is owed $ by Dr. George Riddle. p. 221 John Cosby sit on a jury Jurman Baker VS Nathaniel Burwell. p. 229 March 20 1769 Charles is in dept to Matt Hubbard Jr. and Filmore Moore. He agrees and pays both. This is a York Co court. So he is in York. p. 236 April 17, 1769 John Quarles is sheriff of King Wm. county. Thomas Hornsby brought suit against him in the York Court because John did not bring a particular execution order that was Hornsby vs. Barthalomew Dandridge and Thomas Clairborne. p. 272 June 19, 1769 Ed. Potter collects a three pound debt from Charles Cosby. Charles does not appear in this case or in another case on the same page. Robert Jackson collects