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"The Cosbys of York County Virginia: 1737-1790" by Elizabeth Cosby Stafford Jenkins [Part 3 of 3].

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43 for the 2 bastard children. p. 58 Sept 19 1774 This is the first of many entries on the evaluation of the estate of Stripling Cosby. It is repeatedly postponed because it is not ready to be presented. By 1783 it is still not ready. Why I do not know. p. 132 Dec 1776 James Cosby gets certificate to administer the estate of Charles Cosby desc. But which James I do not know. p. 146 The allegiance oath will be given to all free males above 16. Wm Diggs Jr. will take the oaths for upper York Hampton Parish. p. 148 John Holt is recommended to be 2nd Lieutenant in Capt James Shield's Company of Militia. Aug 18, 1777 p. 188 James and John are on a jury for Overton Cosby Dec 21, 1778 p. 208 Jan. 1779 James Cosby vs Wm Mitchell p. 219 June 21, 1779 Court orders the parishes to divide into precincts and process their land between last day of Sept 1779 to last day of March. Reports to be submitted to the vestries. p. 229 July 1779 James Cosby brings suit p. 282 Aug 21, 1780 James and John are paid as witnesses p. 317 March 1783 John Cosby qualifies as Administrator for James Cosby estate p. 333 May 20 1783 p. 368 John Cosby is recommended as Inspector at York and the College Landing warehouse.

Book #5 1784 - 1787 p. 60 Aug 17, 1784 John Cosby and Harwood recommended for Tobacco Inspectors p. 100 Oct 18, 1784 John Cosby and Harwood Burt are accepted as Tobacco inspectors for Yorktown. p. 101 Dec 18 1784 Again asking for the appraisal of Stripling Cosby's estate. Mary is his wife. p. 150 May 16, 1785 Peter and James are judged infirm slaves of John Cosby and are no longer taxable. p. 172 John Cosby is a witness in a case p. 212 Aug 16, 1785 p. 234 Stripling Cosby's appraisal finally turned in. It is ordered to be recorded. p. 315 & 337 Overton Cosby and James Gregory are the surviving partners of messeures James Mills & Co. James Quarels is here also. p. 385 Nov 21 1786 John Cosby wins a debt case p 422 John Cosby vs Benj Hansford for trespass and assult [assault] and battery. Benj is guilty p. 470 a Benj Marrabel is here