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"The Cosbys of York County Virginia: 1737-1790" by Elizabeth Cosby Stafford Jenkins [Part 3 of 3].

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42 p. 58 John Cosby son of James Cosby chose Robert Patrick as guardian. p. 61 July 21, 1788 established Thomas Newman as the administrator of John Cosby's will. p. 83 Dec. 20 1788 Jane Cosby infant orphan of Stripling Cosby chooses Lawrence Gibbon as Guardian. p. 85 Samuel Cosby infant orphan of John Cosby choose Thomas Newman as guardian. p. 101 March 17, 1789 Overton and Co. recovers debt. p. 196 Dec. 21, 1789 Thomas Lucas the executor of John Cosby's will calls in a debt to the estate.(This is the will and estate of the John Cosby who was the eldest orphan of Judith Cosby and brother to Charles) p. 230 March 19, 1790 A John Cosby is a witness in a case for John Moody. Must be a John Jr. p. 242 March 20, 1790 Thomas Lucas brings several people to court for debts owed John Cosby desc. p. 258 May 17, 1790 Overton Cosby on Debt owed him. p. 277 May 20, 1790 Thomas Luca again working on John Cosby estate. p. 286 June 21, 1790 Settlement of James Cosby desc was recorded. John Holt and Matthew Holt are executors. p. 603 Feb 17, 1794 Overseer of poor binds out Mark Cosby son of James Cosby a poor orphan.

volume #7 1795-1803 p. 3 Thomas Newman dies before he finishes administering John Cosby's estate p. 201 Mark Cosby sells land p. 206 Oct 16, 1797 this says Mark Cosby given adm certificate for adm of his brother John Cosby(must be the Jr. and now he must be dead. )

York Clerk of Court York York Judgements [judgments] and Orders 1788-1803 None LDS #0034434

Book #4 1774-1784 p. 21 May 16, 1774 "Complaint of Mary Cosby vs John Holt the father of her two bastard children is dismissed the Church Warden of the Parish of York Hampton not having required any security fro the said Holt to maintain the said children." p. 40 June 20 1774 John Holt is fined and pays 6 pounds annually