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"The Cosbys of York County Virginia: 1737-1790" by Elizabeth Cosby Stafford Jenkins [Part 3 of 3].

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41 p. 43 Wm Harwood vs Wm Cosby doesn't show p. 49 May 18, 1772 James Cosby vs Robert Drury debt p. 52 July 20, 1772 James Couch and Co vs Wm Cosby 31p. 12 William Doesn't show. p. 53 July 20, 1772 John wilkins vs Wm Cosby debt 13p. 16s Cosby doesn't show p. 56 Wm Drinkard vs Wm Cosby debt dismissed p. 58 Wm Harwook vs Wm Cosby debt 6.19 Cosby pays p. 76 July 21, 1772 James Cosby vs. Robert Drewery for slander. I think James wins 40 shillings. CHARLES IS WITNESS p. 93 Aug 17, 1772 Haskins Read vs WM Cosby for debt for 40s 6p Wm pays p. 151 Nov. 16, 1772 John Cosby for not listing Gloster and Jenny as tithables. p. 171 Dec 21 1772 Blovet Pasteur is on a jury p. 172 Same date John Cosby for lot listing Gloster and Jenny p. 222 Feb 15, 1773 Thomas Hormsby vs Wm Cosby for debt p. 239 March 15, 1773 Wm pays 6p 11 s for breach of bond Lewis vs Cosby for debt 9p9s Cosby loses p. 265 May 1773 Robert Gilbert Vs CHARLES Cosby debt by note of hand. Summoned but not appearing 3p8s p. 301 W. Cosby wins debt against Alex hay p. 308 Several petitions of Charles Cosby vs Matthew Moody are dismissed the plt. not further presenting. p. 393 Sept 21 1773 David Minge executor of John Minge desc. p. 408 Oct 18, 1773 Overton Cosby & Co. vs John Buckner debt p. 429 Nov 15, 1773 Wm Mitchell vs Wm Cosby debt p. 510 Same as above Matthew Tull vs Wm Cosby debt.

York County Clerk York County York County Judgements [judgments] and Orders 1788-1803 Vols 6 & 7 None LDS # 0034435 My #44

volume #6 p. 12 March 19, 1788 Overton and Company a debt recovery p. 36 April 22, 1788 Last will of Thomas Cosby recorded. Harwood Burt sworn in as Tobacco Inspector at Yorktown in the room of John Cosby desc. p. 44 May 19, 1788 John Cosby (must be Jr. pays witnesses Thomas Amory (for 5 days witness 245 lbs of tobacco) & Wm Hudson (for 3 days witness 195 lbs of tobacco) for traveling to be a witness. They are form Warwick and traveled 15 miles. p. 57 June 17, 1788 Francis Cosby infant orphan of John Cosby desc. chooses Thomas Newman as guardian.