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"The Cosbys of York County Virginia: 1737-1790" by Elizabeth Cosby Stafford Jenkins [Part 3 of 3].

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40 York Court Clerk York York Judgments and Orders 1770-1774 (2 Books) None LDS #0034433 My #42

First Book 1765-1772 p. 13 Stripling vs. Thompson Stripling pays the debt p. 41 Stripling vs. Pride. Striping exonerated p. 43 Aug 20 1770 Stripling vs Davis Brooks and then John Berch. both cases are debt and Stripling pays. p. 59 Sept 17, 1770 Stripling loses debt for 288 pounds but only has to pay 63 with 5% interest from Oct 25, 1769. p. 73 Same date Stripling and Price suit and counter suit-next court. p. 88 Oct 1770 James Hubbard pays James and John Cosby tobacco for their day as witness in a case vs Charles Hansford. [*]p104 Nov 19, 1770 Charles Cosby is fined for not putting himself on the tax list. p. 139 Dec 1770 Ann and Joseph Norris VS John and James Cosby debt for 11 pounds. J & J agree they owe the debt. p. 178 Jan. 1771 William Cosby's estate ordered to pay his debt. But on p. 183 Wm. Cosby is in debt court so there must be a son William Cosby. p. 212 Wm. Cosby pays debt to Samuel Timon [*]p. 215 March 18, 1771 Charles Mortimer vs Phillip Edmonson case dismissed by agreement. Phillip must pay costs. p. 216 Wm Cosby Jr. vs Phillip Johnson. Dismissed one is not an inhabitant of the county. Paper is torn I can't tell which. p. 229 April 15, 1771 Mary Cosby wife of Stripling gets a certificate form the court to adm his estate. p. 269 May 1771 James Cosby vs Daniel Brook trespass and assult [assault]. p. 289 Wm. Cosby vs John Eyer debt case Wm. wins [*]p. 337 July 1771 Cosby again fined for not listing himself on the tax list. Grand Jury presents against him. p. 373 Sept 1771 John and James paid by Anne Godwin for being a witness in Anne's case vs Charles Hansford. P. 396 Oct 1771 Moody vs Mary Cosby for her adm of Stripling's estate. She pays him 54 shillings 11p p. 465 Jan 1772 Wm. Cosby vs Ann Cosby adm of Striplings estate for 33 shillings. p. 523 April 4 1772 Wm. Cosby vs James Cary for debt Charles wins 40 shillings. End first item.

Second book 1772-1774 p. 12 Andrew Anderson and co. vs Wm. Cosby debt 3p. 8s Cosby doesn't show. May 18, 1772 p. 17 May 18, 1772 John Carter vs Wm Cosby 4p. 9s Again doesn't show