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"The Cosbys of York County Virginia: 1737-1790" by Elizabeth Cosby Stafford Jenkins [Part 3 of 3].

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39 York County Clerk York County York County Judgements [judgments] and Orders 1759 to 1765 None LDS #0034431 My #40 p. 78 Ann Cosby is guardian of MacIntree orphans. 1759 p. 157 July 1760 William Fuller (Charles' account co-guardian) dies and court orders a settlement and appraisal. Matthew Hubbard, Charles Hansford and Wm. Moody are the appraisers. p. 180 Sept. 16, 1760 "On the motion of John Cosby Jr. it is ordered that Charles Hansford Jr., John Chapman and Samuel Hill examine, state and settle the account of the administration of the estate of John Cosby desc. and make a report to the next court. p. 262 July 20, 1761 Order for the settling of John Cosby desc.? estate is discontinued. The ? is theirs and is intriguing. p. 345 March 17, 1762 Ordered that the church wardent [warden] of York Hampton Parish bind out William Clithwall and Charles Cosby poor orphans ordered by law. p. 357 court recorded the apprenticeship of James CROSBY (CROSBY is very clearly written) to Wm. Mitchell May 17, 1762. p. 425 Ordered that James Cosby's 2 tithables be added to the tax list for upper precint [precinct] of York Hampton Parish. p. 470 Feb. 21 1760 court records the apprenticeship of Charles Cosby to Samuel Coke.

Book for the years 1763 to 1765 p. 82 Sept 19, 1763 Charles complains t court about Samuel Coke and is released. He is to be bound out again but I haven't found the resulting apprenticeship record. p. 116 Thomas Firth vs Pasteur over debt p. 143 Jan. 16, 1764 Elizabeth Fuller vs James Cosby for debt is dismissed. James pays court costs. p. 152 Feb. 20, 1764 William Evans (Merchant in London) vs James Cosby and Samuel Hill for debts. James and Sam do not show even though called this second time to Evans can collect 5 pounds 15 shillings with interest as of Jan. 10, 1762 plus costs. p. 311 Nov. 19, 1764 William Pool vs. John Cosby for 50 Shillings. John must pay. p. 361 March 18, 1765 ?? Ichalerc vs. John Cosby debt for 41 shillings. John agrees he owes the debt and pays plus court costs. p. 423 July 15, 1765 John Cosby v. Wm Hewitt for debt. John loses and must pay plus costs. p. 448 July 15, 1765 Grand Jury v. Mary Cosby for bastard child. She must pay York Hampton Parish 500 lbs of tobacco or 50 shillings current money. Also on same date and page: James Cosby for absenting himself from church must pay 5 shillings or 50 lbs of tobacco to York Hampton Parish for use with the poor.