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"The Cosbys of York County Virginia: 1737-1790" by Elizabeth Cosby Stafford Jenkins [Part 3 of 3].

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32 1610 p. 170 There was an island in the middle of the James River nearly opposite Shirley which was doubtless the "Turkey Island". Turkey Island was the original home of the Randolphs. The first recorded land patents in Virginia were in 1616.

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1623 p. 10 the list of persons in Va. does list Nathaniel and Mrs. Causey at Shirley and West Hundred. 1624 Jan. p. 12 Thomas causey came to Va in 1620 on the Francis Bonaventure. Nathaniel in the Phoenix in 1607. Thomasine, Nathaniel's wife came on the Lyon in 1609. 1626 p. 14 Nathaniel Causey gets 200 acres in Charles City in the land patents of 1626 1631 to 1763 p. 15 a Causey or Cosby is not listed as a Justice? Where is John??? of Stradbally 1679 p. 16 Tithable list: Causey or Cosby on listed through 1702 1634 Feb. Mr. Haywood now owns "Cawsey's Cheers" 1533 to 1700 p. 43 1/5 of a pound sterling was 4 shillings or about $5.00 in money as of the publishing date of this book. 1/5 of a pound = about the cost of one acre of cultivated land on a plantation. 1619-1657 p. 44 No Cosbys in House of Burgess from Henrico or Charles city 1680 Seating = Building a house on property within one year Planting = Clearing, planting and tending an acre for one year. These were "sufficient" performance required by land patents.

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