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"The Cosbys of York County Virginia: 1737-1790" by Elizabeth Cosby Stafford Jenkins [Part 3 of 3].

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Siegel, Frederick F. Pittsylvania The Roots of Southern Distinctiveness 338.1 CR None

This was a book about the tobacco industry in Danville. However, it mentioned very few family names. In 1829 there were only about 500 people in Danville. By 1835 there were around 1,000. In 1833 the tow govt. was established.

all of the products go down the Roanoke River to Gaston (not Gastonia) and then on to Weldon. From the mountain area the goods come down from Staunton to the Bannister to the Dan to the Roanoake [Roanoke].

The 1830's were boom years for Danville but there was a nationwide crash in 1837 and slack years in 1840's. The Danville economy begins to revive in the late 1840's . Virginia in the 1830's is in decline due to soil exhaustion. Only Danvilles's nascent tobacco industry survives the crash of 1837.

P. 138 between 1815-1860 there was a great increase in ownership of timepieces. Exact time became important and work could be calculated by the product per hour.

Slaughter, Philip Petersburg History of Bristol Parish 975.5 CR None

A good history of Blandford but no mention of Cosby's. In 1793 there are 200 houses in Blandford. Blandford was important for its tobacco trace with Glasgow, Scotland. Many Scotsmen came. Bolling, Stark and Poythress are big family names. Matoax is a location and home of John Randolph on the north side of the Appomatox. About a mile form Petersburg.

Sorley, Merrow Egerton ZFamily Lewis of Warner Hall: The history of a family..... 929.2 CR None

p. 792 Ann Meriwether marries John Cosby as her second husband. She is Ann Meriwether Johnson Cosby. He is John the son of John. There is no issue.