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"The Cosbys of York County Virginia: 1737-1790" by Elizabeth Cosby Stafford Jenkins [Part 3 of 3].

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26 Newspaper Index General Virginia Newspaper Index 1736-1820 None LDS #1508537 Burt = no entry Cosby = No entry of importance ( 2 are too late and wrong co.) Minor Cosby died in Milton Albamarle Co Feb. 9, 1810. The tape stopped at letter D. Nugent, Nell ZVariety Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1623-1666 929.3 None Vol. I p. 292 Robert Yeo of Westmoreland gets headright land for 13 persons. One is John Cosby. Sept. 1654 Vol. 2 p. 70 Major William Wyatt gets land that once was John Cosby's in 1664. p. 308 Henry Pruett and Jhon ? gets headright for transporting William Cosby April 20, 1687 Vol. 3 p. 373 and 39 = Lots on John Cosy in 1730's. He buys, sells and loses land on Little River in Hanover Co. Often with partner, Charles Barret. p. 86 John loses land to Richard Wyat because land was deserted. Oct 23, 1704?? Check Date! Payne, Lucille Pittsylvania Pittsylvania County Virginia Deed Books I, II and III 929.3755 CR None Nothing for Cosby Pollock, Michael Henrico Marriage Bonds for Henrico County 1782-1853 929.3755 CR None Charles and Ann Mari Mattox's bond listed on p. 40. The bond is by consent of her guardian Edmond Wilkins. The marriage was Dec. 19, 1839. p. 73 Mary Ann Mattox to William Hall May 18, 1787