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"The Cosbys of York County Virginia: 1737-1790" by Elizabeth Cosby Stafford Jenkins [Part 3 of 3].

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25 B's above 16. June 15 John Cosby 1 White above 16 and one B over 16. John Firth 1 White above 16, 4 B's above 16 and 6 horses.

1800 June 2 CHARLES COSBY 1 White above 16, 3 B's above 16 and one horse. John Cosby 1 white above 16 and 3 B's above 16. I copied the Firths and copy is in the proof book.

1801 Copied both Cosbys and Firths.

1803 John Cosby is 1 White above 16, 1 slave above 16. Charles is NOT there. Firths are there and are copied.

1804 thru 1807 Charles is not there. John is still 1 and 1. Firths are copied.

1808 no record exists.

1809 and 1810 Charles is back.

1811 John is still 1 and 1. Charles is gone and he stays gone.

New Kent Clerk of Court New Kent Co. New Kent Land Taxes 1782-1810 and 1811-1826 None LDS #0029954 My #33

"Samuel Fiirth gives to his wife all his land in New Kent Co." Done by his will. Oct 10, 1783 Samuel Firth taxed on 140 acres. He is the only Firth for 1783, 84. His estate is then taxed for several years. Samuel Firth is Taxed for 1790 and 1791 without the word "estate" after his name. Then it says "estate" again in 1794, 1795, 86, 97 and up to 1810. 1798 John Cosby of Dudley Cask or Carte is taxed for 30 acres. This goes on to 1810 when the film ended.