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"Ancestry and Descendants of Peter B. Smith" by Robert Ellerson White [Part 3 of 4].

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A. William Herman Smith married Virginia Kaar in 1941. they had two children: (1) William Randolph Smith (b) January 7, 1944 (2) Virginia K. Smith (b) November 12, 1946

(1) William Randolph Smith and his wife Jeannette G. Smith have two children: a. William R. Smith, Jr. (b) August 23, 1965 b. David Arthur Smith (b) August 5, 1969

(2) Virginia K. Smith married George M. Shilliday on August 17, 1974.

B. Ethel charlotte Smith married George Williamson Goodwin. He was born Feb. 12, 1906 an died in October, 1958. They had two children: (1) E. Charlotte Goodwin (b) November 4, 1931 (2) George W. Goodwin, III (June 17, 1933) (May 19, 1967)

(1) Charlotte Goodwin married Phillip C. Krouse in 1953. He was born March 4, 1923. They have three children: a. Ian Krouse (b) February 29, 1956 b. Kevin Krouse (b) May 9, 1959 c. Elizabeth Krouse (b) May 10, 1967

(2) George W. Goodwin, III married Marjorie Davidson on Sep. 4, 1954. she was born October 26, 1925. They had two children: a. Iona Goodwin (b) September 28, 1955 b. Marcus Goodwin (b) November 26, 1958

a. Iona married Stanley sheetz on February 14, 1976.

C. Eugene Christopher Smith, Jr. married Rebecca Hatcher, who was born April 14, 1928 and died September 30, 1977. She was the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Claiborne Hatcher who was a Methodist Minister and former Vice-President of Randolph Macon College, Ashland, Virginia. They had three children: (1) Jane Claiborne Smith (b) June 7, 1929 (2) Rebecca Kern Smith (b) March 21, 1931 (3) Eugene C. Smith, III (b) June 21, 1938

(1) Jane Claiborne Smith married William Hopkins Guy on May 2, 1953. They have the following children: a. William H. Guy, Jr. (b) August 11, 1955 b. Sam Hatcher Guy (b) November 14, 1956 c. Elizabeth C. Guy (b) April 25, 1959 d. Mary Gregory Guy (b) June 10, 1962

(2) Rebecca Kern Smith married Theodore D. Kientz, a Captain in the Air Force (now deceased). They had two children: a. Theodore Christopher Kientz (b) February 1, 1957 b. John Claiborne Kientz (b) February 18 1959

(3) Eugene C. Smith, III married Nancy Stuart Taylor. they have: a. Stuart Christopher Smith (b) August 21, 1960 b. Claiborne Smith (b) January 8, 1962 69