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"Ancestry and Descendants of Peter B. Smith" by Robert Ellerson White [Part 3 of 4].

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(4) William Preston Carmines, Jr. married Helen Cowan. She was born April 7, 1922. They had three children: a. Linda Lee Carmines (b) June 14, 1944 b. Nancy Gail Carmines (b) August 25, 1948 c. William Preston Carmines, III (b) May 21, 1952 a. Linda Lee married Ronald Wilton Bottoms, Apr. 17, 1964. Three sons were born to them: aa. Michael Scott Bottoms (b) October 18, 1966 bb. Gregory Todd Bottoms (b) November 20, 1970 cc. Ronald Wilton Bottoms, Jr. (b) May 6, 1976 b. Nancy Gail Carmines married Bobby Allen Vondevender, May 5, 1967. He was born February 5, 1942. They have two children: aa. Brian Allen Vondevender (b) June 25, 1971 bb. Brent Adam Vondevender (b) August 6, 1974 c. William Preston Carmines, III married Teresa DeLucea, November 1, 1980. Teresa was born July 1, 1958. (5) John Meyer Carmines has the following children: a. Verna Kay Carmines (b) May 28, 1947 b. Melissa Lyn Carmines (b) October 14, 1955 c. Amy Marie Carmines (b) December 9, 1957 C. Samuel Amos Carmines, third child of John Perrin and Mary Elizabeth (Rollins) Carmines, married Cora Ann Forrest. Cora was born October 5, 1886. They changed the spelling of their last name to Carmine. They had three children: (1) John Marshall Carmine (b) January 10, 1908. He married Grace Maupin Leigh, Sep. 1, 1931. She was born May 4, 1905. (2) Ruth Elizabeth Carmine (b) February 28, 1911 (3) Samuel Amos Carmine, Jr. (b) February 8, 1919 (2) Ruth Elizabeth Carmine married Arthur Thomas Pope, Jr., Oct. 15, 1932. He was born September 3, 1909 and died Apr. 1, 1973. Their son: a. Thomas Carmine Pope, born August 14, 1943 married Carolyn Holland. They had two sons: aa. Christopher Thomas Pope (b) December 8, 1965 bb. Andrew Arthur Pope (b) April 20, 1969 Thomas Carmine married 2nd: Victoria "Vickey" Stephens and they have a daughter: cc. Julie Elizabeth Pope (b) June 24, 1980 (3) Samuel Amos Carmine, Jr. married Jacqueline Rixey Lake, May 28, 1945. She was born Nov. 17, 1917. Three children were born to them: a. Charlotte Ann Carmine (b) February 18, 1946 b. Samuel Amos Carmine, III (b) July 17, 1949 c. Charles Marshall Carmine (b) October 15, 1962 a. Charlotte Ann married Randall Harris Williams. They had a son: aa. Randall Harris Williams, II (b) Sep. 13, 1974 Charlotte Ann married 2nd: John Cornelius Wolfe, Jr. 57