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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 18a

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Thornton vs Luxright 159 Vine's Order vs Elkin 26 Thornton vs The Same ibid Vivion Et al vs Wells T. Robinson 56 Thomas. vs Scaplehorn 160 Vivion..........vs Wells 72 Thornton vs Lewright &uxr 173 The same vs The Same 86 Turf Lessee Todd vs Twigs 188 Same vs The Same 103 Tyler vs Broox 189 Velands Order vs Hardin 296 The Same vs Turnham ib Thornbury's Negroe adjudged 191 Thomas's Ordny Lisence granted ib W Tyler vs Fitzhugh 199 Waugh appd to apply to King Thomas vs Walker 220 George Ct Court for a Road } 2 Thornton vs Mercers affairs 222 Waller.... vs Dalson 3 Tylers Negroe adjudged 228 Williams's agrmt with his Servt 5 Todd vs Short 231 Waugh appd Guardn to French's Orphan 7 Todds Order vs Rout ib Wegnall vs Waddill 9 Turners Exors vs Nunn 244 Washington vs Campbell 9 Turlands Exors vs Murphey ib Weights to be examined &c. 11 Thornbury vs Delham 245 Wallers Will proved 12 Thomas vs Washington 247 Walkers will proved 14 Tyler vs Fitzhugh 255 Walker to be summd 14 Tyler vs Sturdy 260 Webb vs Boyce 16 The same as Fitzhugh... 272 Warrels Order vs Selby. ib Taylor vs Knight 279 Weyton's order vs Humphrey 27 Tylor vs Fitzhugh 289 Wegnalls ditto vs ditto ib Tayloe vs Davis 293 Withers vs Waugh ib Tiller vs White Cotton ib Wash's Admr qualif'd 28 Thornton vs Crawford Et al. 296 Williams bound to the peace ib Tyler vs Sturdy 299 Williams's will prov ed 31 Tyler vs The Same 310 Waughs Depn taken ib Same vs The Same 315 Warehouse to be built at B's Hole 29 Thomas vs Stewart 321 Waters vs Johnson 39 Turner vs Inglish 324 Washington &co vs Hawkins 34 Tayloe VS Davis 328 Waughs' choice of his Guardn 37 Tiller's Admr qualified 361 Williams vs Bayles ib Tyler vs Broox Williams vs Williams 38

                                                             Wright's  Order vs Smith Et al.                   41