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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 17b

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Stuart & uxr vs Ross Senr 335 Stuart vs Ross ibid Suddoth vs Payton 340 Seddons Order vs Ashby 341 Stuart & Armour vs Douglass ibid Sprayba vs Robinsons Exor ibid Short vs Edwards 350 Short vs Thomas ibid Stuart &Coy vs Douglas 354 The Same vs Earles Admr 359 Sebastians Admr qualified 360 Strother vs Edwards 361 Studdards Order vs Ocain 364 Shorts Order vs Brown 364 Stubblefield's deed to Hooe 1


Traverse Acc.t vs. Waugh 5 Thomas's dischge to his Servt. 1 Todd vs Stubblefield 4 Tyler vs Fitzugh 8 Tyler vs Waddell 9 Same vs Fitzhugh 11 Thornbury bound to the peace ib Travers Will proved 12 Todd vs Green 14 Turners Admr qualified ib Turner vs Massey 30 Travers vs Hughs 31 Turner vs Johnson 32 Thomas vs White 34 Turner vs Bell 38

S [T]

Turner vs Aids 38 Traverse vs Hughs ib Thomas vs Bowling 39 Tyler vs Fitzhugh 40 Same vs Martin 43 Traverse's Exors vs Hughs 45 Turner vs McCant ib Same vs Adie ib Same vs Clift ib Same vs Day ib Same vs Eaton ib Same vs Bell ib Todd vs Stubblefield 57 Tyler vs Fitzhugh 62 Todd vs Stubblefield 73 Tungates Order vs Robinson 74 Turners Order vs Randall 78 Todd vs Rose 86 & 103 Tyler vs Fitzhugh 90 Todd vs Green 93 Thornton vs Kitching 94 Todd vs Green 98 Tyler vs Fitzhugh 108 Turners Order vs Chapmans Exrs 119 Tolson vs Stacy 120 Todds Order vs Fuell 135 Tolson vs Stacy 144 Travers's Exor vs Brenin 138 Tolson vs Stacy ib Turner's Order vs Fowler 145 Thornbury vs Young 148 Tobys Admr qualified 151 Thomas vs Scaplehorn 174