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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 17a

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Stuart vs Crop 186 Strother vs Wallace ib Shorts Negroe adjdgd 187 Strattons Admr vs Murphy Et al 196 The same vs Derrick ib Spallings Petn granted 204 Striblings order vs Alexander ib Stuart vs Berry ib Stephen vs Pinker 206 Smith vs Dehall 210 Saunderson vs Horton 186 Smith vs Thompson 210 Savin vs Goss Et al 214 Strother vs Selman 215 Smith vs Ashby ib Stribling vs Embry 220 Sherr recommended 227 Simpsons Negroe adjudged 229 Sowells Order vs Mountjoy 230 Strange's Order vs Washington's Exor 233 Suddoth vs Brown 233 Sims's Order vs Matheny 234 Stuart vs Moore 236 Same vs Barnes 239 Stuart &coy vs Horton 241 Smith's Admr qualified ib Stuart vs Grigsby 243 Stephens dischge to Page 245 Smith's Admr qualified ib Stuart & vemour [Armor] vs Templeman ib The same vs Sebastian Et al ib The same vs Douglass 246 The same vs Greenlees ib The same vs Patton Et al. ib Semans order vs Blackwell 247 Suddoth vs Payton 248


Stuarts Order vs Conner 252 Suddoth's Order vs Conner ib Stuart & uxor vs Williams 254 Sweny vs Rose 260 Strother vs Selman ib Scaplin vs Alexander 262 Stuart &coy vs Broox ib Scaplin vs Massey 23 Sullevants Order vs Scaplin 264 Stuart &coy vs Horton 266 Smith's Order vs Johnson 268 Stuart &coy vs Howard Etal 269 Suddoth vs Fazier 274 Smith's agreement with Suddoth ib Storke vs Massey's Admr 279 Stuart &coy vs Douglass 286 The same vs Greenlees ib The same vs Earles Admr 287 Sharps admr vs Gray 289 Sweny vs Rose 291 Stuart &coy vs Brooks 293 Stuart vs Ross Senr 295 The same vs Ross Jnr ib The same vs Rapier 296 Sherr recommended 304 Stuart &coy vs Greenlees 305 Spaldings Order vs Payton 313 The Same vs Bell 315 Stuart qualfd Sheriff 316 Stephen vs Campbell 321 Same vs Owens ib Stuart &coy vs Broox 328 Stuart & uxr vs Rapier 329 Shaws Order vs Tayloe 330 Spaldings Order vs Payton ib Stuart &uxr vs Ross Junr 331