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"Book Strap", Vol. II, No. 4.

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"Book Strap"

W.C. Saunders For a beautiful line of Suites [suits] and Coats. We will gladly show them to you. Phone 67 Waynesboro, Virginia

Exide Batteries Roy H. East Exide Storage Batteries Waynesboro, Va.

E.W. Miller Dentist Waynesboro, Va.

The First National Bank The Bank that Service Built Waynesboro - Virginia Offers the services of its Savings and its Commercial Departments to the teachers and pupils of the schools of the town and community.

The Pure Food Store Candies, Fruits, Cakes, and Fancy Groceries. Give Us a Call. Prices are Right. Waynesboro -- Virginia

Coiner Hardware Company Builders Hardware, Stoves, Ranges, Devoe Pure Lead and Zinc Paint

"LEE" Tires A super tire at a popular price. Let us tel you why. Standard Gas Service Gas & Supply Co.

Waynesboro Drug Store W.E. Drake, Manager Whitman's Chocolates Conklin Fountain Pens

H.N. Cloutier Jewelry Gifts That Last Waynesboro -- Virginia 226 Wayne Avenue

J.H. Smith Dentist Waynesboro, Va.

E.L. Borden J. Davis Grove Borden & Grove Bakery-Cafe Home-Made Bread Products and High-grade Confections, Etc. 430 E. Main St. Waynesboro, Va

A.J. Rosenthall Merchant Tailor High Grade Suits Made to Order. Cleaning and Pressing done promptly and satisfactorily.

For Good Meats and Produce call MOHLERS MARKET Phone No. 74 Waynesboro, Va.

My Trip to the Moon. One bright morning in May I decided I would take a trip in my airplane. I started and sailed and sailed till I reached a place called the moon. In the moon there were trees, a cliff of rock and a desert. And playing around over the desert were queer little people. Some were shaped like diamonds and clubs. And they were all playing in the sand. In the middle of the desert there was a castle. The king of hearts and the queen of spades lived there. The king wore a flame colored robe trimmed in gold. The queen wore a black robe trimmed in gold and silver. They were both very handsome. I had a friend with me. The king fell in love with her and wanted her to stay, but of course she wouldn't stay in the land of the moon. The people in the moon treated us very kindly. We prepared for our homeward journey, and after bidding the king and queen farewell, we stepped in our airplane and sailed away. Nancy Hollar

The Landing of the Pilgrims. For some time the Pilgrims had coasted up and down the shores looking for the most suitable spot for a home. When the place was chosen the men went ashore to begin the work of building their houses. While they worked on the land the women and children stayed on the Mayflower, longing for the time when they could go ashore and help in the home making. They built only seven houses the first winter. From the forest the men gathered rough logs which were piled one upon the other forming a hut very much like the log cabins we see in books. There were a great many chinks through which the cold winds, rain and snow could come in. Mud mixed with straw was used to fill these chinks. Glass was not common in those days, so in place of glass oiled paper was used in the windows. This let in some light but one could not see through it. The doors were fastened with a large catch strong enough to keep the Indians from coming into the houses.

Ballads Ballad is a term applied to various poetic forms of song type or a poem in which a short narrative is related. The ballad is considered the oldest form of poetic expression and began with the epic which was often formed by ballads. The ballads of different nations resemble one another so closely that it is thought they had a common origin. The popular ballad had no single author but was handed down orally thus changing greatly as time went on. They were composed and sung by simple folk all over the country. The themes with which they dealt - love, hatred, fear, crime, war and death - were such as to render them universal in appeal. Among the Germanic nations the ballad developed very early. In England it is thought probable that the ballads of Robin Hood were produced about the thirteenth century. The Scottish ballads are more vigorous in their expression and less artificial than those of England; it is thought this was caused by their being put into print earlier. Among British literary ballads the most famous are of Robin Hood, Sir Patrick Spens, Fair Helen, and Clerk Saunders. In the eighteenth century the publication of Percy's Reliques of ancient English Poetry gave a great rise of interest in the ballad and several other collections followed. One of the results of the publication of these old ballads was a large number of imitative works among which the most famous are Coleridge's Ancient Mariner, Tennyson's Revenge and Rossett's Sister Helen. In America also ballads became very popular, amoung [among] the most noted being Francis Hopkinson's Battle of the Keys, Joseph Hopkinson's Hail Columbia, Dickson's Liberty Songs; others were Bold Hawthorne, Virginia Banishing Tea, Volunteer Boys, but the most noted was the Star Spangled Banner, by Francis Scott Key. The ballad comes face to face with life and deals unflinchingly with it - as if the heart of a people spoke aloud. We feel its permanency, tragedy, and noble simplicity. Mary Wisely, English IV (High School).

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