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"Book Strap", Vol. II, No. 4.

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[Begin Column 1:of 4, left to right] "THE BOOK STRAP" Published each month by the students of the Waynesboro High School. EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-chief.......HELEN CASH Assistant Editor....DOROTHY BRAND Alumni Editor.....HALLIE COPPER Athletic Editor....MARY CULTON Cary Society Ed. ....MIRIAM WILSON Maury Soc. Ed. MILDRED ANTRIM Subscription Mgr. HARPER BROWER Business Mgr. .. MARSHALL DULL

Each month after you have finished with THE BOOK STRAP, give to some one who is interested in your school.

HONOR on EXAMS As Examination time draws near there rises into our minds the question of preparedness. How many are going to face them with a feeling of security, knowing that they will pass honorably? How many are there who will say "Oh, I'll get through someway"! That "someway" is a great stumbling block in the way of their characters. They mus be made to realize that the deeds accomplished in their schooldays will affect them throughout their whole lives and though some pupils laugh it to scorn, the truth of the statement is inevitable. Cannot every pupil be brought to realize the seriousness of exams and that honor means everything to us through life? Let us all get together and try it and see if it don't work.

"MURMURS FROM THE FRESHIES" The Freshmen class wish the readers of the Book Strap a happy and prosperous New Year! We are proud of the fact that we sent ten dollars to the Near East Relief and hope the Lordly Seniors and other classes will fol-low the example of the "Little Freshies" have set. We are glad every body had a good time during the holidays but sorry Scottie Witt "overdid" and is now in bed. We wonder why it is that the teachers take a delight in taking the good taste out of ones mouth? No sooner do we return from the holidays than they immediately begin agitating mid-term exams. They are heartless creatures anyway! John Coyner --- (talking to colored man working on the new school building), "Sam those trees are nearly as black as you"! Sam, "Yes but when spring

[Begin Column 2 of 4, second from left] comes they will be nearly as green as you". Miss Bryant to Elizabeth Hodges, "Elizabeth what are you going to be when you finish school." Elizabeth --- "An old woman." SMILES Miss Dickinson: "Why didn't you tell me that at first, instead of hesitating so long?" Paul: "Stuart hadn't told me then."

The Sophs and Freshmen request that the Juniors and Seniors keep Miss Watts and Miss Dickinson sufficiently occupied in their respective rooms. By way of explanation, it seems that these two members of our faculty have a bad habit of making too many habits to Mr. Hurley. What Mr. Hurley doesn't know, will never hurt him!

Bill Day who was a visitor at W. H. S. Monday morning when school opened, manifested an unusual interest in the progress of his small brother, Owen. He was heard to remark, that he must visit the child and that "Owen had a fine teacher". Thereby hangs a tail!

Santa Claus seems to have been lavish in his gifts of vanity cases to the High School girls -- Slick noses are a thing of the past at W. H. S.

Mr. Hurley to small culprit: "Don't cry, little boy, you'll get your reward in the end." S.C.: "S'pose so. That's where I allus do git it."

Where the Credit Lies She: "After all, a husband gets the credit when his wife is well drest." He: "H'm, yes, but only from her dress-maker."

"What's the matter, old man?" "I'm half deaf." "Nonsense, you'll live to be sixty." "Yep, that's what I bet the insurance company, and I'm thirty now, figure it out for yourself."

ANXIOUS INQUIRY We would like to know where Mr. Hurley got his Bible. We have never seen the things in our Bible that he reads from his to us in Chapel.

[Begin Column 3 of 4, 3rd from left] HONOR ROLL FIRST GRADE Section A. Mary "E" Marks Cordelia Roberts Cordelia Talley Margaret Goodloe John Mehler Guy Brower David Coiner Section B. Mary McClung William McClung Hampton Baylor Richard Fitzgerald Hazel Coiner Evelyn Bowman Irene McCauley Lucille Marion Mary Jane Bush Inez Fitzgerald SECOND GRADE Section A Brooks Booker Ira Johnson Bobby Copper Curtis Bowman Julius Frederick Francis McCray Jessie Witt Elizabeth Driver Anne Mosby Eleanore Mae Bobbitt Section B Helen Branaman Mildred Guinn Russel Wisely THIRD GRADE Section A Billy Price Tommy Mehler Owen Day McCluren Roberts Mazelle Wilde Elsie Straughen Virginia Robertson Sallie Bell McClung Douglas Trout Thelma Fitzgerald Maonie Landes Section B. Eunice Lynn Rena Monroe Charles McClung FOURTH GRADE Section A. Not Any Section B. Not Any FIFTH GRADE Section A. Elizabeth Booker Thelma Bailey Section B. Not Any SIXTH GRADE Section A. Not Any Section B. Not Any

[Begin Column 4 of 4, 4th from left] SEVENTH GRADE Section A. Sherman Tuttle Robert Clark Section B. Bob Wright Evelyn Cox Helen Garber Lucille Talley HIGH SCHOOL First Year Anna Rosenthal Porter McCray Helen Wilson Gladys Coiner Second Year Orelia Myers Nellie Trout Vada Coyner Third Year Dorothy Brand Fourth Year Pauline Coiner Mariam Wilson Mary Wisely Ruby East Mary White JUNIOR NEWS We wonder why Mady was late to History class the morning the Cadets left for Christmas Holidays, also why she did not know her lesson? We enjoyed the delightful treat given to the Juniors and Seniors by Miss Watts and Miss Dickerson on the last morning of school. The classes were visited by several of the Alumni, who gave short talks. The class is very sorry to know that Cornelia McClung is unable to attend school on account of sickness and we hope she will soon be with us again. Margaret Booker was absent two days and we are glad to have her back again. We would all like to know why Fred Earehart visited Michael Coiner during the Xmas Holidays. We wonder why S. T. wanted to censor the Junior News this month. Also why Laurence visits Lexington so often. SOPHOMORE NEWS The Sophomore Class is glad to have "Mutt" Kibler in our midst after an absence of several weeks. The Sophomores at last have discovered that English is not a passing fancy but a stern reality. Nellie Trout, Vada Coyner and Cortilia Meyers were on the Honor Roll for this month.