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"Book Strap", Vol. II, No. 4.

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Waynesboro Public Library, Va "Book Strap" Published Each Month by the Students of the Waynesboro High School VOL. II Waynesboro, Va., Tuesday, January 9, 1922 NO. 4

HOLIDAY FRIVOLITIES To satisfy our curiosities, we made a trip to each room for the purpose of finding out the frivolous ways in which our teachers spent their holidays. You would be surprised at the number who told us some of the trivial things they did and then added, "But, please don't print that in the Book Strap". Miss Plumb spent one week with her mother in Front Royal and a day with an alumnus of W. H. S., Mrs. Sue Rankin Wise. Miss Coope stayed in town and wasted time "eating" and "sleeping". Miss Parker was at her home in Herndon, Va., and then went to Washington. She said it was too personal to tell everything she did. Miss Treakle spent Christmas at her home in Staunton. Miss Archer stayed at her home near town and "ran around in general". We don't see how she could have done both. Miss Floyd visited Roanoke and Staunton. Miss Saddler was in Wilmington, Va. Miss Crabbe spent Christmas in Wicomico, Va., Miss Garber in Harrisonburg, Miss Crouch in King and Queen County. Mrs. East was at her home in town. The High School teachers who should be the most dignified proved to be the most frivolous of all. Miss Chapman had a splendid time at her home in Windsor, Va. Miss Bryant spent the happiest Christmas she has ever had at her home in Millboro Va. Miss Dickinson had the misfortune to find her father ill when she reached her home in Orange, but as he rapidly improved, her latter holidays very happy ones. Miss Watts stayed in bed every morning until ten o'clock allowing her mother to build the fires and get breakfast. She received thirty-five cards, went to two parties, two dinners and had one date with a "man". Miss Morgan spent a delightful Christmas in Charlottesville and Lynchburg. Miss Walters went to her home in Elkton, and Mrs. Bailey stayed in Waynesboro, at home. Mr. and Mrs. Hurley and little son, David, spent the holidays at the home of their parents in Wytheville Va.

WINTER SPORTS The Girl's Basket-Ball team played the Fishersville girls Dec. 15 in the Fishburne Gymnasium. The score was 10 to 9 in favor of Fishersville. This is said to have been one of the best games played since Basket-Ball became so popular. The same afternoon the Boy's Basket-Ball team played the Fishersville Boys. The score was 14 to 11 in favor of Waynesboro. We felt very proud of our boys as this was their first game. Mike Coiner staring in centre, due to the fact of his great height. Tuesday evening Dec. 18, the W. H. S. Boys played the town Fishburne boys, being defeated 36 to 24. Sweet staring for F. M. S.

SENIOR "CHIT-CHAT" Now that the holidays are over and work has been resumed the Senior Class finds mid-term examinations staring them in the face. To a Senior an examination is in itself a "nightmare" because he fully realizes this to be his last chance, but we are happy to say that in looking over our grades we find that most of us seem to be on fairly safe ground. So if we make a strong pull we will once again come out victorious and start on the home stretch. Let us go to it, Class Mates, and show our friends what we are made of. Two of our "used to be" class mates, who are now attending other schools, visited the class before our holidays began; Virginia Bauserman and Martin Fox. We regret to say that Madalyn Hollar has been very sick during the holidays with scarlet fever but is expected to be back with us soon.

STUDENTS RETURN TO THEIR ALMA MATER Ira Loving '22, after achieving an extra amount of knowledge at the Weseleyn College, West Virginia; dropped in day before school closed for the Christmas holidays, and delivered a very helpful speech to the classes of '23 and '24. His chief message being "obey your teacher", to which Miss Dickinson and Miss Watts answered "amen"! Go to it Ira! You will succeed. We were also honored with the presence of two Roanoke College "rats", Alec Wilson and Wilbur Brower of '22. Our star girl basket ball player, of '22, Margaret Day, breezed in on Thursday morning starting all of us to giggling as usual She was accompanied of course by Mary Kibler, her "Siamese Twin". Thursday morning as we looked out the window, a car drove up to the gate, and who should step out of it but Elizabeth Tench carrying a "manuscript" as usual, it being her debate, as she has been chosen to represent her intersociety in the debating contest at Lynchburg College. Of course there is no uncertainty of her victory, as she has always brought back honors to us. Very unexpectedly on Thursday afternoon during Chemistry Lab, we noticed a Ford slowly approaching the front entrance, occupied by the W. and L. Cooper brothers, Ned and John of '21 and '22, who were accompanied by a class mate, Mr. Frank Fisher of Florida, who spent the holidays with them at their home "Three Oaks". They came in and spoke to their former teachers, Miss Dickinson, Miss Watts and Mr. Kimler. Janet Trout of F. S. N. paid us a visit on Tuesday morning, January 2nd. and marched down to Chapel with us as stately as of last year, when she was one of the dignified Seniors of the famous class of '22. Margaret Goodwin, '22 who has been very ill thru the summer and fall was up to see us the other day and we were all very glad to see her out again, and at old W. H. S.

CARY ACTIVITIES A very interesting and original program was given by the Carys at their last meeting. Four Freshmen girls, Elizabeth Robinson, Zora Lovegrove, Elizabeth Rankin and Pearl Floyd were the characters in a humorous dialogue, "Marrying Money" which constituted the program. Mary Wisely, one of the Senior Class, coached the girls and it was due to her ability and work that the play was a success. Would that we could get everyone in the Cary Society to work with such diligence! And it is our aim for the term. On Jan. 4 the Carys held a business meeting and the following officers were elected: Pres. --- Harper Brower V. Pres. --- Miriam Wilson Sec'y. --- Dorothy Brand Treas. --- Janet Brand The President appointed Chas. Gaw and Gladys Coiner as ushers.

MAURY LITERARY SOCIETY Maurys, wake up! The standard of our work is being greatly lowered by triflers in our society (the oldest of W. H. S.). "Give to the world the best you have and the best comes back to you." To make this true we must serve when called upon by the program committee, and have an interesting society. BEAR in mind the name Matthew Fontaine Maury. January fourth we held an important meeting and the following officers were elected for the last term: Pres. --- Mady Philyps V. Pres. --- Doyle Reid Sec'y. --- Evie Ellis Program Committee; Elizabeth Harnsbarger, M. Lee Earehart and Marshall Dull