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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 15b

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Regan vs Payton 117 Ramey's Order vs Matheny 118 Rae vs Cubge 120 Ross vs Nixon 127 Regan vs Payton 130 Rowleys order vs Fuell 135 Ross vs Nixon 136 Same vs Jackson 138 Ritchie vs Walkers Exors 138 Rapier vs Hurst 139 Robinsons order vs Ashby 143 Ross vs Lacys admr 145 Rileys order vs Tolson 144 Rowley vs Rowley 150 Ross vs Nixon 153 Same vs Jackson 154 Rowley vs Rowley 159 Riley's order vs Stacy ib Rast vs Carter 173 Ross vs Nixon 175 Ross vs Lacys admr ib Route vs Lynaugh 176 Rogers qualif'd attorney 181 Roses's order vs Fletcher 182 Ross vs Nixon 185 Ryans order vs Beaty ib Ralls's Negroe adjdgd 187 Robinsons Negroe adjdgd ib Ross vs Templeman 188 Ryan vs Doniphan 189 Same vs Murphy ib Same vs Hansbro ib Same vs Ponton ib Robinson vs Ashby 190 Rileys order vs Ditto do Randall vs Payton 195 Reynolds vs Murphey ib


Robinson vs Ralls 197 Rowan vs Thomas ib Rice's order vs Churchwardens 200 Ralls Et al bound to the peace 204 Ross vs Bowling 209 Ralls order vs Sanderson 210 Rigsbys renouncemt of Legacy &c 211 Rowley vs James 214 Rowley vs Pooles 220 Same vs Lines ib Same vs Rowland 224 Same vs Scaplin ib Rout vs Badright 225 Rooe's order vs Sudduth 233 Riley vs Cratford ib Ramy's assumpn to Yelton 235 Ridings vs Honey ib Ralls vs Copen 239 Riley vs Chinn 242 Same vs The same 246 Same vs Whitrum 248 Read vs Fletcher ib Remy vs Lyntons admr 256 Roley vs Pilcher ib Russ vs Carter 152 Riley vs Cooke ib Robinson vs Ralls 245 Rowley vs James 259 Rout vs Walker's Exors 263 Riley vs Cooke 274 Route vs Wallers Exors 293 Rapier vs Stuart &uxr 296 Roley vs Harrison 310 Ralls Ordny Licence rend 321 Randall's Order vs Wallers Exors 222 Robinson vs Ralls 323 Rapier vs Stuart &ux. ib