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Bethany Green Academy Catalog.

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In this course will be taught any of the English branches and French, German and Latin. This is a four years' course and classes are entered only upon examination.

SPECIAL COURSES Advanced pupils will be given special courses in Laboratory work when a sufficient number apply. First--Agricultural Chemistry. The use and application of Fertilizers to growing plants, similar to that given at the University of Virginia by Prof. Dunington. This is taught by lecture and experiment. Second--Mineralogy. The use of the Blow-pipe and all field tests, as well as crystallization, &c., are given in this course. A small cabinet of minerals belongs to the school and the pupils of this course are examined upon them. Text-Book, Dana's Manual. Third--Chemistry and Physics. The Principal having taken Post-graduate work in these particular branches it is needless to say that they will be well equipped, and courses laid out to suit the pupils who expect soon to enter the study of Medicine, or become Analytical Chemists, Electricians or Mechanical Engineers, &c.

THE BUSINESS COURSE. This includes Political Economy, a short course in Bookkeeping as well as of Business forms of Deeds, Wills, Agreements, &c., &c.

MILITARY DEPARTMENT. Military training has in itself intrinsic value, but its special object in this school is to teach systematic habits, punctuality, neatness in dress, obedience, and the many discharge of duty. No attempt is made to initiate V. M. I. [Virginia Military Institute] or any other school where men are trained to become soldiers.

UNIFORMS. A neat grey suit, including cap, will be furnished at the least possible cost, say from $12 to $16.00. The cost will be less for small boys. The Uniform for girls to be selected.