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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 14

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Payton vs Yelton 164 Payton vs Angel 166 Picket vs Kenton 174 Payne & uxr vs Holdbrook & uxr 176 Porter vs Riley 183 Parendene's Negroes adjdgd ib Patton vs Neighing 187 Peyton's Negroes adjdgd ibid Payton vs Brown 193 Payton vs Pebbles ib Parson's order vs McAboy ib Phillips ditto vs Ditto ib Peyton vs Ming 195 Piper vs Carter ib Piper Assee [Assignee] vs Jackson ib Powells Order vs Redman 200 Payton vs Bragg 203 Porter [bound?] to the peace 207 Powell proved Insolvent 209 Peytons Negroes adgdgd 210 Peyton vs Edwards 216 Peyton vs Knight ib Same vs Carter ib Same vs Johnson 217 Peter vs Thomas ib Peyton assee [assignee] &c. vs Carter ib Peyton vs Carter 218 Same as Dent ib Same as Sullevant 220 Peytons Negroes adjdgd ib Peyton vs Dunaway 224 Same vs Hogkins ib Patterson's Este to be sold by Shf ib Price vs Buckner's Exors 228 Pilcher's Order vs Peyton 231 Paytons vs Wallers Exors 232


Picket vs Matheny 234 Picket vs Carter 235 Peyton vs Yelton Ibid Peyton vs Hopkins 248 The same vs Inglish 248 Pontson vs Weaver 249 Piper vs Carter ib Picket vs Brook 251 Same vs Honton ib Piper vs Macues 253 Porter vs Waters 260 Peyton vs Carter 261 Porter vs Howard ib Peyton vs Carter ib Same vs Stacy 262 Pattin vs Ashby 264 Peyton Et al appd to take list of Tithes 269 Prelle & Steel vs Overall 270 Piper vs Carter 273 Peytons order vs Maddin 275 Peyton vs Young 277 Same vs Pattison ib Same vs Kite ib Same vs Anderson ibid Piper vs Garner 278 Peyton vs Fernsly 285 Porter vs Waters 286 Price's order vs Conway 288 Piper vs Massie 289 Patton vs Ashby 295 Peyton vs Swetman 296 Same vs Baxter 298 Porter vs Waters 299 Peyton vs Carter ib Pilchers Order vs Leach 312 Price's Agreemt with grady. ibid