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James Allen Records.

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John Newton Administrator with the Will annexed of Elizabeth Long Deceased Plaintiff Against James Allens heirs, Defendants 1863 July To 3 Bonds on Harler & Cull withdrawn from the office by order of Court made at June term 1863 for $1319.35 Each - $3958.05 1863 Cash August 13 Cash Collected the 1st Bond when due $1319.35

To the Hand Hugh W. Sheppey Judge at the Circuit Court of Augustus County your commissioner asks Leave to Report in pursuance of an order made at the June Term 1863 I withdrew the Three Bonds mentioned in the Said order, and on the 13th of August 1863. I Collected the first Bond due the 14th of August 1863; the other 2 Bonds are still unpaid. the 2nd Bond fell due on the 14th of August 1864 at that date Confederate money had depreciated to such that I did not make an effort to Collect it. The 3rd and last bond Fell due on the 14th of august 1865 at that Time Confederate money had become entirely worthless: The [Stay?] Law prevents me from Collecting the Last 2 Bonds. I don't feel at Liberty to Collect them in the present currency when gold is at a premium of From Forty Eight to Fifty per Cent, I Therefore ask your honor for Instructions what Course I pursue in Regard to the last Two Bonds. if I Sue on them and obtain Judgments I supose [suppose] I Should be Compled [compelled] to take the money in Legal Tender Notes of the United States which I dont feel at Liberty to do unless instructed so to do by your honor? by the order of the Court