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American Patent Agency Contract with Alex G. Pointe.

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CONTRACT. To all Whom it may Concern: This is to certify that I, Alex G. Pointe, Box 233 of Staunton in the county of Augusta State of Virginia have this day of A.D. 1883 made, constituted, and appointed the American Patent Agency, of Cincinnati, State of Ohio, my true and lawful agents, for a period of 90 days, to negotiate sales for my Patent improvement in Dinner Pail No. 281132 issued July 10 1883 in the following territory at figures which shall not be less than herein named, to-wit:

Maine...$175 N. Hampshire...150 Vermont...150 Massachusetts...250 Rhode Island...100 Connecticut...175 New York...300 New Jersey...200 Pennsylvania...$300 Delaware...100 Maryland...200 Virginia...175 W. Virginia...200 N. Carolina...200 S. Carolina...175 Georgia...175 Florida...$75 Alabama...175 Mississippi...175 Louisiana...175 Texas...200 Arkansas...150 Tennessee...175 Kentucky...175 Michigan...$225 Ohio...300 Indiana...275 Illinois...300 Wisconsin...225 Minnesota...200 Iowa...225 Missouri...200 Nebraska...$150 Kansas...175 Nevada...75 California...225 Utah...75 Oregon...75 District Columbia...75 Territories...35 or the patent territory named $3000.00 dollars; and in consideration of which the said Alex G. Pointe agrees to pay to said Agency the sum of 10 per cent. upon all sales made by them in accordance with this contract. And it is further understood that no compensation is to be required for services except as herein stated; that the said Agency shall not have Power of Attorney to make sales, but that all offers shall be first submitted to me for examination and signature. I reserve the right to make any negotiations during the existence if this contract, and said Agency shall not receive commission except on sales expressly made by them, and if, on the expiration of 90 days herein named, any part of the patent remains unsold, the said Agency shall have the first refusal of continuing the sale of the said Patent, or of closing any negotiations which may be in progress at the close of this contract. And it is further understood by and between the parties to this contract, that said Agency shall, in all cases where trades are made, receive the commission of 10 per cent. in whatever is received, whether it be cash, merchandise or land. The American Patent Agency agrees to the provisions herein before named, and will give the said Alex B. Pointe, at the expiration of 90 days, a full statement of all sales made and return to him all models, drawings, cuts, etc., unless by mutual consent the time shall be extended for making sales in case any parts remain unsold. When sales are made Alex G. Pointe shall be immediately notified, the deed or assignment to be sent to him for signature, and if correct, executed and returned to us, C. O. D. that is, to be paid by us on delivery, excepting 10 per cent. thereof, which shall be for and in consideration of the services rendered.

American Patent Agency Per J. S. Zerbe