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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 10b

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K Kirks admr qualified 211 The King Lacy 222 Knox vs Riddle 224 The King vs Howard Et al 212 Kennys Order vs Yetton 231 Kitchings Order vs Payton 235 Kite vs Baylis's Admr 253 Knox vs Riddle 293 The King vs King 267 Kennys Order vs Madden 275 King Summoned 276 The Knight vs King 291 The King vs Jones 297 The same vs Howard ib The Same vs Scaplin ib Kite vs Baylis's Admr ib Kitchings Order vs Hamilton 312 The King vs Knight 314 Kenny vs Elliott 317 Knox vs Riddle ib Kennys discharge to Harvey 321 Kelly vs Price 322 The same vs Douglass Et al 323 The same vs Whitton Et al 330 Kennys Order vs Switman 336 King appd Overseer of Road 342 Kelly &uxr vs Price Et al 342 The King vs McAboy 361 The same vs Dennis 361 Kenyons Order vs Packett 365 Kennys Order vs Packett 365 Kenny's Tithes added to the List 6 L Levy Laid for 1749] 10 Lee Et al appd to view road 12 Lucas vs Massey 15 Liquors Rated 27 Lintons Order vs Hankins 34 Lunsford vs Rallings Admr 34 List of Tithes to be summoned 44 Lewthwaite vs Hedgman 48 Lewthwaite vs French's 49 Lewis & Rose qualified attos 51 Lacy vs Berrymans Exors 52 Lewthwaite vs Hedgman 57 Lewthwaite vs French ib Lacy vs Berrymans Exors 52 & 53 Lunsfords order vs Cralford 74 Lewthwaite vs Hedgman 63 The same vs French 79 Lathams Order vs Horton 79 Lacy vs Berrymans Exors 72 Lewthwaite vs Hedgman 77 & 90 The same vs French 96 Levy Laid for 1750 95 & 102 Lacy vs Berrymans Exors ib Lynn vs Mountjoy 100 Lewthwaite vs French 116 Lyndon vs Barker 120 Lacy vs Berrymans Exors 120 Lacy vs Berrymans Exors 121 Lunsfords Order vs Regal 130 Lunsfords Order vs Corbin 135 Lynseys ditto vs Smallwood 135 Lunsfords aitto vs Peller 137 Ley Laid for 1751 146 Lyndon vs Simpson 148 Lewthrite vs Hedgman 151 Latham vs Fritter 158