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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 10a

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I Johnsons vs Berrymans Exors 197 Jnglish vs Richards ib Justices qualified 191 Jeffries Negroe adjudged 187 Inglish vs Kenny 210 Inglish vs Kenny 224 Inspectors Nominated 227 Jones's Order vs Chambers 233 Jones's ditto vs Sudduth 234 Inglish vs Withers 234 Inspectors Accts of Sales 236 Jameson vs Carter 239 Johnson vs Berrymans Exor 253 Inglish vs Richards 253 Jones vs Davis 254 Jones's Order vs Davis 254 Jackson vs Howard 264 Inglish's Negroe adjudged 267 Johnson vs Bails's Admr 270 Inglish vs Richards 274 Johnson vs Berrymans Exor 275 Johnson v Tyler Et al 281 Inglish's order vs Inglish ib Jackson vs Withers 287 Same vs Earle 292 Same vs Howard 302 Jackson's order vs Howard 303 Justice's qualified 303 Inspectors Nominated 317 Inspectors accts rendered 321 Jones vs Berrymans Exors ib Johnsons Order vs Cooke ib James vs Bell 322 Jones's Order vs Taylor 329 Taylor vs Kelly &ux 348 K Kenny vs Woodward 7 Kenyon vs Allison 32 The King vs Sidebottom 32 The King vs Johnson Et al 36 The King vs Kenny 40 Kites Order vs Baylis 41 The King vs Humston Et al 42 Kings Negroe adjudged 95 Kelly's Admr qualified 106 The King vs Howard 118 Kellys Order vs Alexander 130 Kirks order vs Fitzpatrick 136 The same v Stacy 140 The same vs McAboy 148 The same vs Wise 149 Kendall v McCullaugh 148 The King vs Latham 149 The same vs Wise Et al 158 The same vs Payton 161 The Same vs Edwards 167 The same vs Waters 168 The same vs Bell ib The same vs Hinson ib The same vs Latham ib The same vs Kendall 169 Kendalls Servt Adjudged 172 Kenny &uxr vs Sims 175 Kendall vs Kelly ib Kennys order vs Black 185 The King vs Knight ib Kelly &uxr v Holland Et al 199 The King vs Carter Et al 207 The same vs Ralls Et al ib The same vs Carter ib