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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 8b

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H Hall Fubrill as Cons'ble took the Oath 2 Hooe's Order vs Horton 2 Henage appoto Constable 3 Hooe vs Baxter 3 Harrisons Guardn appd 6 do Account ib Harding Vs Wiginton 3 Hamilton vs McIntire 8 Hooe's Ordny Licence rend 12 Hardwick appd Constable 13 Hamptons will proven 15 Hinsons Will proven ib Horton & Day bound to the peace 16 Humphrey vs Elkin 27 Humphrey's Order vs Humphry ib Helfernons Orders vs Waugh 28 Hardng & Wells vs Jackson 29 Hinson vs Fitzhugh 32 Horton vs Hanland & ux 33 Horton vs McKey ib Handland vs Horton ib Hankins vs Tyler ib Hughs vs Angel 34 Hogg & ux vs Lacage El at 35 Horton vs Rose Et al 36 Hudsons Order vs Duncomb ib Hall vs Berry 37 Hunter vs Toby 38 Humston vs Humston Et Al ib Hunter vs Berry ib Hunters Order vs Buchanan &c 42 Hooe's Order vs Bernard 43 Hays Order vs Travers's Exr 46 Hardy vs Spinks ib Hamilton vs Davis ib Hedgman Et al appd to view Road 47 Hamiltons discharge to Davis 51 Hooe vs Berrymans Exors 52 Hinson Etal vs Crap & uxor 54 Hugh's Tithes added 2 H Hutcheson's Estate Settlement thereof 6 Hunter vs Berryman's Exor 55 Harding vs Baylis 56 Holdbrook & ux vs Hedgman ib Hinson & ux vs Payton 57 Horton McKenny 58 Horton vs Ross & uxor 59 Hogg & uxr vs Savage Et al 61 Humston vs Humston Et al ib Hall vs Berry 62 Hooe vs Lane 66 Hansbro's Negroe adjudged ib Hooe vs Berrymans Exors 71 Hinson vs Crop Et al ib Hunter vs Berrymans Exor 72 Hooe's Order vs Stubblefield 73 Horton vs Ross 75 Humston vs Humston Et al 77 Hall vs Berry 79 Hardings Order vs Combs 80 Harrison's Negroe adjudged ib Hooes Negroe adjd 81 Hamilton vs Riley 82 Hooe vs Berrrymans Exors 85 Henson Et al vs Crop & uxr ib Hunter vs Berrymans Exors 86 Harrison's Overal 88 Humes Order vs Smallwood 89 Humston vs Humston Et al 90 Hall vs Berry ib Hunter bs Garrett 94 Hawkins bound to the peace 97 Hooe's Ordy License rend ib Hodges Admr qualified 98 Hooes vs Berrymans Exors 101 Hinson Et al vs Crop uxr ib Hunter vs Berryman Exor 102 Hamston vs Humston Et al 104 Hooe's Acct vs Hooe's Estate 6