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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 8a

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G Grand Jury Sworn 95 Grand Jury vs Horton Et al 99 Gray vs Thomas 101 Same vs Duncomb 103 Griffins admr qualified 105 Grand Jury vs Flitter 108 Gradys order vs Tyler 109 Grand Jury Sworn 112 Goodright vs Rose 114 Gray vs Duncomb 116 Grigsby Levy Free 120 Grand Jury vs Thornton Et al 132 The same vs Riley ib Gray vs Thomas 142 Grand Jury Sworn 145 Gray vs Kelly 148 Grant & Brown vs Waters 152 Gregg vs Angel 162 Ghent vs Hughs 163 Grand Jury v Dogel ib Gray vs Harrison 175 Ghent v Nubet 170 Gale vs Berrymans Exor ib Grand Jury vs Holdbrook & ux ib Goss's order vs Fitzhughs Admr ib Greggs Negroe adjudged 181 Ghent vs Nubile 185 Same vs Hughs ib Grays order vs McAboy 193 Grand Jury Sworn ib Garrards petn granted 195 Grand Jury Sworn 209 Graham vs Wigington Et al 225 Gale vs Berrymans Exor 226 Grand Jury vs Duas 227 Grigsby vs Chambers ib Garrards Negroe adjudged 228 G Garrards Negroe adjudged 228 Grinans Order vs Chambers 223 Graham vs Carter 234 Grand Jury vs Glass 247 Same vs Pestridge ib Grays Order vs McAboy 250 Garner commd to prison 255 Grigsby vs Chambers 260 Grant vs Thomas 272 Garrard vs Whittaker 273 Grand Jury vs Dillon 277 The same vs Lowry ib The same vs Dirkin ib Grady vs Hortons 281 Grant & Brown vs Murphy 286 Gray vs Kitchings Admr 287 Grant vs Thomas 301 Graham v Wigginton Et al 302 Grant vs Brown & Murphy 306 Gains's Order vs Bell 315 Garrards Ordny Licence rend 321 Garrard vs Johnson 323 Same vs Pope 324 Same vs Angel ib Garys order vs Davis 329 Garrards order vs Payton 330 Grand Jury Sworn 333 Grant vs Rose 337 Grigsby vs Underwood ib Grant vs Limmett 338 Grant vs Thornbury ib Gray vs Berrymans Exor 339 Grady vs Horton 340 Grant vs Dade's Admr 341 Garrard vs Angel 342 Grant vs Holland 360 Garrards Order vs Whitecotton 365