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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 6b

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E Edwards admr [administrator] qualified 27 Edwards Will proven 105 Etherington's Negroe adjudged 125 Ellis's Order vs Fristoe 1311 Ellitt vs Fristoe 148 [Ettitt?] vs Alexander 148 Edwards vs Carter 194 Earls Order vs Ridings 221 Edwards Order vs Muse 226 Ewell vs Johnson 240 Same vs Potter ib. Elkins Admr vs Todd Et al 244 Earle vs Foster ib. Edwards vs Bartlett 247 Same vs Pickeld 248 Eaton's Order vs Latham 257 Edwards vs Shepherd 259 Earles Order vs Garrett 275 Ewell vs Knight 279 Ewell's Order vs Tayloe 280 Edwards vs Stephen 283 Earles Order vs Watters Exor 321 Evans vs Durram ib. Edwards & Uxa Deed to Seldon 8 F Fitzhugh appd [appointed] oversr of the Road 2 Fitzhugh Et al to view the Road 2 Fitzhugh to be summd &c 29 Franklyn's order vs Conway ib Fleemas Order vs Sidebottom 32 Fonward vs Wells 33 Same vs Ashby ib Same vs King 32 Same vs Cooper 33 Fuell vs Smallwood 35 Farrows Order vs Graham 37 Fitzhugh vs Haywood 42 Ferguson vs Wood 43 Foley vs Colwell ib Furgusons Admr vs Angel 54 Foster's Order vs Jordan 55 Forward vs Wells 58 Fewell vs Smallwood ib Fitzhugh vs Hayward Etal 63 Fooke vs Minor Et al 69 Fletchers Order vs Randall 78 Fitzhugh vs Haywood 79 Farns Order vs Reddish 80 Fowler vs Fletter 83 Fuell vs Smallwood 70 & 89 Foleys Order v Fuell 89 Fitzhugh v Hayward ib Foot's Servant adjudged 95 Fitzhugh vs Howard 90 & 1011 Frister vs Turner 100 Field's Order vs Tyler 111 Same vs Fitzhugh ib Franklyns admr qualified 113 Fitzpatrick v Fristoe 118 Ford vs Battoe ib Fowler order vs Chapman's Exor 119