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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 6a

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Daniel took the oaths 1 Dunlop vs Ramy 110 Dunlop vs Duas ibid Same vs Garrard ibid Daniel vs Foster 111 Dade's order vs Allason 114 Dick vs Waters 116 Dunlop vs Pilcher 119 Dents order vs Pelter 137 Day vs Withers 138 Dunlop vs Fernsley 140 Dade vs Berrymans Exor ibid Same vs Gray 144 Same vs Massey 147 Same vs Berrymans Exor 151 Same vs Massey 155 Dunlops vs Fernsly 158 Days order vs Fowler ibid Doolins order vs Sims 164 Dade's order vs Silvia 165 Duncombs order vs Thornton ibid Davis vs Berrymans Exors 196 Dunaways vs Yelton 200 Dulin vs Trap 216 Dunlop vs Fernesly 218 Dreghorn &coy vs Carter 219 Dulins order vs McAboy 223 Dick vs Yelton 228 Duncombs will proved 229 Dunlop vs Hortons 240 Same vs Mathenys ibid Same vs Sims ibid Same vs Yelton ibid Same vs Brook ibid Doniphans Negroe adjudged 242 Dunmore &coy vs Eaton 243 Dunlop vs Horton 265


Daniel's Acct. vs Pearson 5 Dunlops vs Mathenys 265 Dunlops vs Sims 266 Ditto vs Broox 267 Douglass &co. vs Stephen 268 Dunaway vs Bennett 269 Dunlops vs Cubbage 269 Dade's admr qualified 271 Douglass &co vs Chinn 275 Drummons order vs Maddin 276 Durrems order vs McAboy 284 Donaphans order vs Mathews 287 Dick vs Waters 288 Ditto vs Lynn 288 Dunlop vs Armstrong ibid Drummonds order vs Bredwell 289 Duas's order vs Payton 292 Dreghorn &coy vs Carter ibid Douglass &coy. vs Chinns 298 Dunlops vs Broox ibid Dick vs Lynn 306 Dunlop vs Armstrong 307 Durrams order vs Yeton 311 Dulins order vs the same ib. Dade vs Massey 312 Dade's Guardian app'd 317 Davey vs Mafsey ib. Dade & ux vs Berrymans Exor 327 Douglass &coy vs Stephen ib. Dade vs Massey order for sums &c ib. Dade to be summoned ib. Davis Bound to the peace 336 Douglass vs Kelly 337 Doniphan vs Finigin 349 Same vs Lampton 352 Same vs Whitson ib. Dreghor &coy. vs Carter 365 Dade vs Massey 362