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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 5a

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C Church wardens bind Tomeno 219 Campbell vs Leech 220 Conner vs Crop 222 Called Court on Fowkes Negroe 223 Church wardens bind Duncomb 224 Cash's order vs Waters 226 Church wardens vs Flitter 226 Courtney vs Carter 266.7 Champ vs Waugh 231 Coles Order vs Picket 234 Combs vs Bayle's admr 235 Church wardens bind Cuningh[a]m 236 Court of Claims for 1753 237 Carr's order vs Ewell 240 Clark vs Ocain 243 Carter vs Thomas 243 Carr's Order v McRae 244 Cummins vs Thomas 244 Church wardens vs Ramy 247 Champ vs Chinn 246.8 Corbin's order v McAboy 250 Cochrane &coy vs Stephen 251 Conner vs Crop 252 Campbell vs Carter 253 Conner vs Ocain 255 Cooke vs Farrow 256. Cunningham vs Waugh 256 Clifton vs Vivion 258 Cannady vs Chambers 259 Cunningham vs Ashby 261 Carters Order vs Carter 267 Church Wardens bind Ward 267 Cunningham vs Armstrong &c 267 Cochrane &coy vs Stephen 267 Cunningham vs Chapman 268 Carr vs Rogers 268 Cochrane &coy vs Grigsby 269

C Clifton vs Vivion 272 Church wardens bind Fitzgerrald 273 Champ vs Relinglesby 274 Champ vs Sebastian 276 Crafford vs Whitson 277 Church Wardens vs Dillon 277 The same vs Gray 277 Cochrane &coy vs Bussell 277 Cunningham &coy vs Thomas 278 Carr's \Oorder v Owell 279 Clarke vs Ocain 280 Combs vs Baylis's Admr 282 Cash's Order vs Waters 283 Church wardens vs Jackson &c 285 Cummins vs Thomas 287 Conway vs Ryan 288 Church wardens vs Fitzhugh 289 Cunningham &coy vs Ashby 292 Champ vs Waugh 294 Cochrane &coy vs Stephen 297 Cotters order vs Ashby 299 Clark vs Ocain 304 Cummins vs Thomas 306 Calmelz vs Twigg 308 Cunningham vs Stuart 309 Conway vs Hockels admr 310 Called Court on Condron 318 Cooke vs Farrow 321 Cochran &coy vs Horton 325 Court of Claims 1754 332 Campbell vs Martin Et al 335 Champ vs Waugh 335 Cunningham vs Thomas 340 Carter vs Masseys admr 340 Calmelz vs Thomas 341 Chambers order vs Canady 343 Called Court on Carter 343