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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 4b

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C Corbin vs Ross 117

Carpenter vs Kirk 117

Church Wardens bind Gregg 120

Called Court on Holt 127

Crosbys Guardian Appointed 127

Conyers Order vs Dawson 128

Corbin vs Ross 134

Corbins Order vs Corbin 135

Cochran &coy vs Stephen 136

  Same                      vs Swetman                  136

Carpenter vs Kirk 130

Campbell vs Whitecotton 138

Champ vs Hasty 140

Called Court on Bernards Negroe 141

Crafords Order vs Ashby 142

Carpenter Order vs The Same 143

Champ vs Hasty 143

Church Wardens bind Robinson 148

    Same bind Horton                                         149

Cochran &Coy vs Swetman 153

Cooper vs Angel 154

Campbell vs Martin Etal 154

Church Wardens bind Sympson Etal 155

Court of Claims held 156

Clifton's Ordinary Licence rend 156

Church Wardens vs Horton 159

Church Wardens bind Grinans 160

Crosby vs Ralls 160

Combs vs Sebastian 160

Corbin vs Wallers Exor 163

Cooke vs Chinn 163

Cunningham vs Edwards ib

Conway vs Fitzhugh ib

Cummins vs Gray ib

Campbell vs Hopkins 176


Corbin vs Wallers Exor 176

Coclerane vs Hamilton 176

Conways Order vs Thornton 178

Campbell vs Brown 161

Cummins vs Gray 183

Clerks Office to be viewed ib

Crosby's Guardn vs Ralls 186

Comb's Order vs Saunders 186

Comb's Negroe Adjudged 187

Cochrane &coy vs Green 188

Church wardens vs Yelton 190

Courtney vs Carter 195

Conway vs Chinn 196

Cooke vs Forster 197

Cormer vs Ocain 199

Church wardens vs Redman 200

Cunningham vs Waugh 200

Cunninghams Negroe Adjudged 202

Called Court on Pratts Negroe 205

Called court on Whail bone 208

Cambell vs Edwards 209

Church Wardens bind James &c 209

Claimber vs Angel 209

Clifton vs Vivion 209

Cochrane &Coy vs Chinn 210

Church Wardens bind Carrico Etal 210

Called Court on Carter 211

Church Wardens bind Jeofry 212

Called Court on Fowkes Negroe 212

Church Wardens vs Hurst 214

Cunningham &coy vs Ross 215

Connell vs Conner 216

Conway vs Lacey 216

Cunningham vs Ashby Et al 216

Church Wardens Bind Tomeno 219