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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 4a

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B Bell vs Withers 292 Boyd vs Murry Et al 294 Black vs Porter 294 Same vs Whitson Et al 300 Same vs Angel 300 Same vs Burton Et al 300 Brown vs Worley's admr 304 Same vs Watson 305 Same vs Stephen 305 Black vs Williams Etal 306 Balendine's order vs Angel 307 Black vs Waugh 309 Bernard vs Rose 311 Same vs Reynold's Admr 313 Bredwell vs Ashby 314 Banks vs Grigsby 314 Bell vs Withers 315 Bails order vs Bell 315 Ballaley vs Kenny 315 Brent vs Thomas 326 Brown vs Adams 327 Brent vs Wicklif 331 Boggass vs Rogers 335 Boyd vs Tyler 340 Bailie vs Clift 347 Brown vs Stewart 350 Bogle McCoy vs Thornbury 353 Bernard vs Humston 353 Bogle &coy vs Massey's Admr 354 Botts order vs Bredwell 360 Burton vs Hornbuckle 360 Broox vs Ocain 363 Burton vs Canady 364 Brown vs Johnson 364 Bussey Levy free 360 Berrymans Exors vs Murphy's Adm. 368 Berry vs Clancey 368 C Cocklins agreement with her Mr [Master] 8 Chapmans will proven 13 Conway vs Fowke 13 Cheesmans Admr appo 14 Conway vs Colcloughs Exors 31 Craig vs Hasty 32 Colcloughs Exor vs Conway 32 Chapmans Exor vs Pilcher 35 Same vs Robinson 35 Carter vs Waters 37 Champ vs Hall 38 Combs vs Dawson 39 Campbell vs Minor Et al 42 Cambell vs Donne 43 Champ vs Johnson 43 Same vs Withers 45 Cooke & Daniel Feeofes of Malbro 49 Cole loughs Exors vs Conway 58 Chapmans Exor vs Pilcher 59 Same vs Robinson 59 Carter vs Waters 60 Champ vs Hall 60 Combs vs Dawson 62 Cages Order vs Bush 79 Colclough's Exor vs Conway 74 & 87 Curtis's Order vs Overall 88 Clifton's Ordinary License rnd 93 Champ vs Hasting 97 Called Court on Turner 98 Corbin vs Ross 99 Carpenter vs Kirk 99 Church Warden's bind Lucy 104 Clifts Order vs Hall 106 Church Warden's bind Waters 113 The same bind Mathews 113