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Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book, Index page 1

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A Alexander vs. Walker 38 The same vs.Thomas 43 the Same vs.Allison 47 Allen vs. Tyler 47 Alexander vs. Lacys admr 48 The Same vs. Walkers Exrs 49 The Same vs. the Same 60 The Same vs. Allison 63 Asbury's Servant freed 67 Alexander vs. Walker's Exrs 76 The Same vs. Allison 77 Alexanders negro adjudged 80 Allan app'o oversr Road 82 Alexander vs. Walker's Exrs 89 Ashby vs. Rily 119 Alexander vs Bernard 130 Ashton vs. Berryman's Exrs 137 Allen's Ordy License, renewed 142 Ashby vs. Riley ib Ashby's Order vs. Ashby 143 Allenthorp's Servt adjudged 147 Alexander vs. Skinner 150 Ashby vs. Riley 151 Alexander vs. Berrymans Exr 159 Ashley vs. Riley 166 Alexander vs. Berryman's Exr 173 Allen's Order vs Thornton 179 Allen's ditto vs. Leeright 180 Ashley vs. Saunderson 186 A Alexander vs. Gray 3 Philip Alexander vs. Addison 33 Same ... vs. Rennolds 34 John Alexander vs. Tracy 33 Alexander vs. Davis 300 Alexanders Exr vs. Steven 304 Allen vs. Murdoch 324

 The Same vs. Black  ibid 
 The Same vs. Broox  ib 

Asberry's Exr vs. Garner & uxr 336 Anderson vs. Sweeny 337 Ashby vs. Bredwell 340

 Same vs. MClough 346
 Same vs. Bredwell ib 

Alexander vs Burn 348 Ashton vs Fitzhugh 350

 Same vs Thomas 351

Armstrong vs White 353 Anderson vs Hamilton 362 Addison vs Thomas 366 Ashby vs Wigginton ib

 Same vs Bredwell ibid