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["Berry Hill Version 2"] by Kenneth H. Cook.

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4. the staircase is the real hallmark of the Berry Hill interior. Said by the National Trust for Historic Preservation to be the finest in the United States after that at Carter's Grove, it is of mahogany in the shape of a horseshoe. Twin flights rise along the side walls to the back of the hall, where they meet and sweep out over the hall to the front as a single run. The stair is unsupported except where it touches the wall, and is so perfectly joined together that today, a century and a quarter later, there is no vibration whatsoever when once ascends or descends it. In regard to the staircase, Mrs. Shipman said when she was here several years ago that she had often thought the staircase was designed by her great-grandfather with her in mind. She suffered an injury to her left wrist with forceps when she was born, it leaving her with practically no use of her left hand. Thus she depended on her right one for everything. She said she was able to go upstairs on the left side and come down on the right, and always have her right hand on the banister rail. Immediately behind the library, at the back of the house, is the conservatory, a glass-walled room built at ground level and used to store the flowers in the winter. It has a radiator system built into it and connected to the furnace; before steam heat was installed in the mansion the conservatory was heated by its own stove, constantly fired. It is said to be one of the earliest conservatories in the United States built as a part of the mass of a house. The collonade, where the house servants lived, has eight rooms. It stretched behind the mansion on the western side. At the very end is a most interesting "necessary" room, a three seater.