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Russell, Richard v. Wright, Austin: Judgment, Brunswick County

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said Russell, till about three years ago, and never heard anything derogatory to a good character untill, him sd [said] Russell and Austin Wright went to law, and then I heard many unfavorable reports, from the family of Mr. Wright; and, some few others with respect to the Lawsuit, between Russell and Wright, but know nothing of any thing myself - and since I came into this State, I have been called on as a member to settle some accounts of considerable amount between Russell and others and observed his conduct in all them [accts?] to be very particular Just and generous, and as to my part. I have had several Settlements with him, and I always found him to be just and generous, in every Settlement with me, and I never have any thing prejudiced to his character, but I thought sprang from a Source of envy &c [etc.]. Quest. by Plaintiff. Was not the Declaration of Austin Wright, with respect to my being a Damn'd Rogue and that I had stole his negros, publickly [publicly] mentioned [illegible] of the County Court yard, about the time or just before the suit him sd. [said] Wright vs, me was [abroad?] and called in sd. Court, for the negros conveyed by Robert Wright to me. Answ [Answer].Yes I think it was. Ques. by Deft. Did you ever hear that Richard Russell swear to a false oath. Ansr. I never did as I recollect, until today. I heard it allicated [alleged?] by you, that you intended to See where it originated from [illegible][.] Edmund Webb Sworn to before me the 27 of Septr 1806. [Phil Hawkins?]