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Russell, Richard v. Wright, Austin: Judgment, Brunswick County

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aCross the lines Ansr. I think as well as I recollect he said. he believ'd he used some Exertions to get them to this place, as above said. Quest. again by Deft did not you write down. Pheobe Wright's Deposition at the same time. Ansr. I did Quest. again by Dft Do you remember wt. [what] she said. Russell said to her in the different times he made application to her, to declare to him what she told a Mr. Pitchford, which he thought was Something in his favour, and if she cou'd [could] not. he should push the bond, against them Instantly, yes, her ansr. [answer] was that if he did he must or something to that purport: for before should would sware to anything she did not know. to save her property She shou'd sware to the truth if she lost it. Quest. by plaintiff Russell, did I not ask Pheebe Wright at the takg [taking] of the aforesaid Deposition if I ever named or Intimated to her, that I wanted her to sware anything in that Case, but what was the Whole truth Ans. I do, and her answer was, you never did. Quest. by Deft. What pass'd between you and Robt. Wright with respect to them Negroes. Ansr. when I came from Mecklenbg [page torn] Court, in some few days. Robt. Wright Came to my house I told him, that Austin Wright, had Cast Russell in the suit of sd. negroes he sad that was right for he never gave him sd. negroes in the world, but sd. he lent them to him, and always, said he did.

Quest. What Character does Richd Russell Support Generally is it a fair black Character,), Ans. at this time it appears to be in a black Character - from you have [corrected?] - I never knew