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Russell, Richard v. Wright, Austin: Judgment, Brunswick County

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In obedience to a Commission from the District Court of Brunswick County, we have met at the House of Edmund Webb in the County of Warren, and State of No Carolina and Caused to come before me. Robert Wright, and Edmund Webb, as Witnesses for Rich. Russell, in a suit depending, and undetermined in the District Court of Brunswick County, between the and Russell plaintiff, and Austin Wright Deft. they being all of full age and duly Sworn on the holy Evangelist of almighty God. Deposeth and Saith the parties, Russell & Wright both being present, and Consented thereto that, the said Depositions should be taken, before. A single Majestrate [Magistrate], and read as evidence in the said Suit now depending. Edmund Webb Deposeth and Saith at a November's Mecklenburg Court in the year 1805. There was a Despute arose, between Austin Wright and Richard Russell. Wright said Russell was a Damned Rogue. and he had [proved?] him so by the Oath of Anderson Paschall, that he had stolen his negroes from Virga [Virginia] and brought them into Carolina You are a Rogue for your Character is as black as Hell. Quest. by the Plaintiff, did you hear any provocation Given by me at that time. Ansr. I didn't[.] on the contrary Russell, on the contrary Russell appeared to be for peace, and said that was [illegible] a plan to dispute on such matters. Quest. again by plaintiff[:] did not Said Wright Continued on abusing me after that I had requested him to be at peace. Ansr. he did. continue to [repeat?] and said you was a damd Rogue, and that he could prove it by the Oath of Anderson Pachall, and went on with his abuse.